Archive Monthly Archives: January 2008

Slow Progess

At the moment I am head down into a property renovation and have seriously slipped back in supporting this blog. It appears the building job may take another two or three weeks to complete.

Therefore Just keep focusing on making major sales. Keep asking your client questions, find their problems and above all explore in detail what those problems mean to them before providing a solution.

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Happy New Year

Hi everyone and happy new year. I am now back from an extended vacation and hopefully will have a lot more to write about this year. I intend posting the next part of my interview with Anthony Mosley in the next few days and I will also tell a couple of interesting stories about “Making Major Sales”. I need to decide whether to write about them or post a podcast.

Anyway, I hope the new year will bring bigger and better sales to all the professional sales people out there. Just remember when things get tough the tough get going.

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