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Travel in Asia

I arrived at my hotel in Korea after hours

of continuous travel. None of my flights

served a meal that was worthy of eating.


After learning that the hotel restaurant was closed

and that room service was no longer

available; I was subsequently forced to endure a

diet of peanuts I had kept from an earlier flight.

I retired to my room and enjoyed the culinary delights,

courtesy of Korean airlines.


Moral of the story: Only

select hotels providing twenty-four

hour room service. Check on this before leaving, bring snacks of

health food bars along for


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Quote of the day

It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.

John Wooden

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Establishing Customer Interest

How do you establish if a prospect or customer is interested in your product or service?


It is quite simple really…….LISTEN!


Never interrupt the customer while they are talking, if the customer interrupts you let them finish. If you do all the talking and the customer says nothing you are talking yourself out of a sale.


Encourage your customer to talk by asking appropriate questions, this will uncover their problems and needs.


Avoid these extremes at all costs:


Salesperson does all the talking

Customer does all the talking

Salesperson says nothing

Customer says nothing


Show genuine interest and concern, the correct questions are the ingredients required to secure a major sale.

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Selling on Price

Don’t sell price

Even though selling on price may be easier and faster you always end up the loser. I am dismayed how retailers in certain commodities are price driven.


The Asian market particularly suffers from low margins and many retailers and customers can just talk price.


Many customers however are very reluctant to buy poor quality and many will pay more for something better.


You must establish your customer’s needs, likes and dislikes problems with their existing situation so you can focus in on the right product or service for them.


In many cases you can sell a better quality product and achieve two obvious things; a more satisfied customer and hopefully more commission for you.


It is far too often a customer makes a decision based on price alone without them even knowing if you have a better quality item or service for a little extra that would suit their circumstances better.

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Retail Merchandise

I have traveled all over Asia, many parts of the USA, Australia and New Zealand and observed retail displays.


You may not be responsible for the care of display in your store but because their purpose has a strong bearing in generating customer interest any indifference on your part may affect your earnings.


Make certain you ensure all in store displays are maintained properly. Make sure all samples are in fact working. Regardless of responsibility it is to your advantage as it is your sales that are affected.


Can you imagine how the customer feels when you make an apology because something does not work? We see it all the time and how many sales are lost because of this?


All retail merchandise must be clean and arranged properly, with everything in a saleable and fully working condition. All products should be correctly priced and the area of responsibility is irrelevant especially when it affects your pocket

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A Missed Sale in Real Estate

I was speaking with a property developer today who told me this story.

Recently a young business person sold his company for a very large sum of money. I do believe his share was in many millions.

He and his wife now had the money to buy a new property. They visited a local agency and spoke with an agent describing roughly what they were looking for. Naturally they were looking in an upmarket part of the city.

The agent said “Leave your name and phone number and I will put together some possible properties and get back to you”.

The prospective purchases then moved on down the road and visited another agent explaining their desire to buy. This agent said “Tell me what you are looking for”. After the couple described what they wanted the agent said “I will take you out right now and show you what I have.”

Believe it or not the couple paid $10 million for a property they were shown by this agent. It appears they were contacted later by the first agent with a list of possible properties. Their reaction was “We have seen those and we have now made a purchase.”

Can you just imagine how that first Real Estate agent felt? A golden opportunity let go by and picked up the same day by another agent in a competitive company.

The lesson here is “There is no time to waste, and you cannot judge a book by it’s cover.” This surely is inexperience, laziness or some other weak excuse.

Making Major Sales are simple sometimes.

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Quote of the day

Don’t tell me this is a difficult problem.

If it weren’t difficult it would not be a problem.

Ed Koch

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Follow the lead

How many times do you buy an expensive product from someone and never hear from them again?


Would it not feel great if you got a phone call a couple of days later from the person who sold you that new car or new Plasma screen?


Customers love to feel important yet we sales people want to feel important too. I cannot stress this enough; if you contact your customer after they have made a serious purchase you will be in the minority and you will gain much respect.


It is just too easy to ignore the person who has just lined your pockets and here is the best part if you call them:


You run the risk of getting repeat business.

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Quote of the day

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature…… Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller

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Double your income

You can double your income as a salesperson.

Most people take the work of a salesperson for granted, yet the wealth of most countries has been created by people who have understood that selling is not “just a job”, but a wonderful and profitable occupation.

We keep hearing the expression “Salespeople are born, not made.” Do not accept this. If you stop and think just for one moment it is logical that selling is an art and must be learned.

If you depend on an employer and “luck” to determine your earnings you are depriving yourself of the satisfaction that comes with learning skillful selling techniques.

Cruising and just reading the odd book on sales skills is just not enough. How long is it since you picked up a book on selling?

As with any single thing we do in life “Practice makes perfect.” Careful study and the application of the skills required for making a major sale or even simple sale will bring higher income.

When you understand the tools required to correctly interpret your customer likes and dislikes and know what they mean, you will be better prepared to help that customer find a solution.

There is no doubt whatsoever a completely different set of skills are required when making major sales however I hope to cover the skill set required for both in forthcoming posts on this blog. Retail salespeople who work on the floor require skills just as the sales representative who visits these people. These may vary in some ways and be the same in other ways. Hopefully a few ideas published on these pages will assist you in a quest to double your income. If you are a salesperson and you follow the steps outlined in the book “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham you will double your income.

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