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Mervyns Shuts its Doors

I wonder if their sales people understood the difference between making simple sales and making major sales?

The Hayward, California-based Mervyns department store chain, battered by financial troubles, has announced that it is going out of business, according to the ociated Press.

The 59-year-old retail chain will close permanently after Christmas-season liquidation sales at its 149 stores in 10 states.

“Although we took a number of steps to improve our financial performance, we were unable to return the company to profitability,” CEO John Goodman said.

Mervyns filed for bankruptcy protection in July in an effort to work through its debts, but executives said they found no way out.

Goodman cited the company’s “declining liquidity position and the extremely challenging retail environment.”

The impact will be mainly on entry-level workers, said Jeff Rowe, director of the Stanislaus Alliance Worknet, which ists job seekers.

“It ends up being really tough on teenagers who need some income to support themselves and their families, people who are working for the first time and people who are trying to get off public istance,” he said.

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What are some of the major differences between retail sales and…?

Here is another post from Yahoo questions…. Interesting!

The sales of “intangibles”? I sold insurance for ten years, took a break for the last seven years, and now am getting back into sales. Possibly, retail sales of furniture to start and go from there. What are some of the major adjustments I will be facing in sales style, approaches, and prospecting?

As said above, tangible sales are generally easier, likewise, sales where people come to you are easier than going to them.

Since you mentioned Furniture, and it happens to be my expertise, I’ll use that as an example. Every furniture stores have their own sales techniques they employ, and to a certain extent, you are limited by what each store’s philosophy is.

Furniture sales is about the customer not the product. Each sale is made or lost based on you ability to read and adapt to each individual customer. Your job is to identify what it is the customer is looking for and help them make it happen. I don’t mean, find out they want a couch, that’s easy, I mean find out what a customer wants from furniture. Comfort, Style, Durability? Then you can present how your product best helps them meet their goals. Furniture sales is easy because its a low pressure approach. If you can make a customer forget you’re a salesperson, and you product can meet their needs, you win.

Good Luck!

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What is considered due diligence for a commercial real estate sales person?

A residential real estate broker, or salesperson seems to have their duties a little more spelled out. The duties of a commercial real estate broker has something to do with 'due diligence.' What exactlyl is that?
Actually Roger it did..for some reason when I google it..I came up empty..Thanks.

I think a visit to the CCIM web site might help.

Commercial realtors have much more training than residential realtors.

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What sales training should I attend?

Here is another question from Yahoo. Any comment on response would be welcome.

I have a sales job, but not much sales experience. I want to learn techniques, styles, and just generally improve my knowledge of sales. What seminars or classes should I go to?

I’m in the St. Louis area, so of course I would like it to be something local. Also, cost is a consideration. I don’t have the money to spend too much on this.

I want to know what sales classes are best known for being reputable, effective, and broad enough to apply to different types of sales.


Go to the library as they will have many books on this subject. Then Speakers Like Zig Zigler, Tom Hopkins or other reputable do swing thru St Louis from time to time. Course it depends on what your trying to sell too. Some specialize more in 1 type of selling over others. Next Listen to others in your office or setting that are “Making a Living” ask them if you may listen and learn from them and would they consider helping you get started. Some like car and Real estate will have in house sales training. So you have lots of options. Just keep your eyes open listen to your prospects and always be closing even if they say not interested ask for the sale anyhow. Some will buy even though they say there not interested but if you ask nicely you could become suprised and make that sale.

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How can I get experience in working for retail/sales, if no one will hire me?

Interesting questions and answers from Yahoo. Comments welcome.

I want to get a job for a supermarket or for a Petsmart store, but I have no experience in working in retail/sale. I’ve applied for a job for stores before, and I guess they didn’t want to hire me because I have no experience. These stores were hiring at the time. How can I get a job in retail/sale, if no one will hire me?

make sure when you fill out the application you are very careful to make sure you spell everything correctly and fill it out completely. Also, make sure you fill it out a neatly as possible.

I have managed several retail stores, if the applicant could not follow directions on the application I would not even check references or call the person back for an interview.

Also, make sure you are properly attired when you pick up and return the application. If you do not hear back from the company in one week, call and ask to speak either to personnel or to the store manager. Tell them very politely who you are and why you are calling. The nicer you are and the moreyou look like others that allready work there the better.

If you do get an interview, make sure you show up a few minutes early. Know some stuff about the company and know why you want to work there. Not because you need the money or “you think it would be neat”. give a real reason, such as working at Starbucks because they do things to help the community, such as giving away used grounds and giving day old pastries to the homeless shelters. Investigate the company you are interviewing for and have some interesting information for the interview.

Make sure you stand out for positive reasons, not negative.

If you are applying for Petsmart, for example, you can talk about your experience with animals. Pets, shelter work, ect..

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What are the best practice tests and study guides available to prepare an me for the VA Real Estate Sales Exam

A question from Yahoo answers, wow this person is game!

I know, I know…Now is not a good time to get into Real Estate Sales. I have another job and would like to do this part-time. It has been about a year since I took the Principle of Real Estate class and need to hit the books. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Try here….

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Where can I find a comprehensive sales training course?

Here is another post from Yahoo answers.

I really need to take my company to next level and feel thats only going to happen if I really start selling at another level. But really could use some professional training. Any ideas???

Take a look at Miller Heiman. This company does a lot of research every year to understand what it is that sets top sales people and top selling organizations apart, then puts the research out there for anyone to view.

Miller Heiman has several different training programs to fit the different areas of a sales system. If you’re struggling in getting your customers to open up or in finding more opportunities in your existing accounts, take a look at Conceptual Selling®. Or, if you’re losing deals because you feel you aren’t getting high enough in the organization…or maybe having trouble prioritizing your deals to spend time on those that are most likely to close, take a look at Strategic Selling®.

If the training is just for you, Miller Heiman has public workshops around the world. If you have a whole team you need to train, they also do private workshops.

I’ve included a link below to their site as well as a link to some of their research. You have to create an account, but everything you’ll find is free and they don’t sell your info (promise).

Best of luck and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy Selling!

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Sales Training?

Questions and answers from Yahoo Answers.

Where can I get free tips and techniques on improving sales performance – closing techniques etc.

the company you work for should have a closer on site you cant really learn from books.
i was a closer commission only for 20 years and the way i learned was going out with sucessful sales people and keeping quiet and watching their every deal they did .
then i would add parts of everyones pitch to my own and perfected it so i could then go on a lead and i had a 90% hit rate.
some tips for you.
never pitch a one legger you will never get an order if one of the partners are not there.
Dont go straight into working mode at the lead,you will put them on defensive and again you will find it hard to close.
When you get to the door introduce yourself and usually they will say “ive no money your wasting your time”.step back and say ho sorry im not here to sell you anything im just here to get your opinin on our product and if you like what you see ill leave you a quote and all its going to cost you is a cup of tea and a bit of your time is that ok. and 99.9% your in and their at ease.
I could show you hundreds of techniques but the main thing in selling is
(1) ask for the order
(2) get them to like you ,if they like you they will buy off you.
(3) dont rush take control and stear the client to sign the order.
(4) goto 1 hope this helps.
ps i did commission only, reasons it made me hungry dont work dont eat.
and secondly if you get a basic the commissions crap!!!
Just one other thing know your product and believe what your telling the client dont lie it will kick you in the butt.
When you get your first order dont pack and run have a cup of tea and consolidate the sale explain the advantages of buying from your company,benefits etc and leave them happy otherwise ill guarantee you if you havent got rid of all their fears they will cancel as soon as you leave their home.
hope i have been some help good luck lolxxx

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How do I negotiate a retail sales account deal?

Here is a question posted on Yahoo answers together with the chosen best response.

“As a hobby I make handcrafted bath & body items for family & friends. Recently I was asked to supply a local retailer with a large volume of my products. I can supply the product, my question is how do I handle the sale? Should I sell the product at wholesale or should I sell the product at retail and offer some type of volume discounting? Like 5 or 10% off, also should I ask for a deposit, and if so how much, thanks.”

You should sell at wholesale prices. As the store will be selling a large volume of your goods and eliminates the selling aspect from your responsibility, they are entitled to a profit on the sale as well. Typically, a wholesale price would be 50% of the retail price, however the higher the volume, the lower the percentage as a general guideline. To begin the negotiations you will want to determine the quantity of goods they would like to purchase and the retail price they would be asking. Just keep in mind your production costs and ensure you are receiving a fair profit. Good luck!

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