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Interview techniques for a “Sales Manager Job”

Here are some questions I would suggest you use when interviewing a person for a”Sales Manager Job”:

How would you describe a major sale?

What exposure have you had in making major sales?

Give me an example of how and when you handled an objection resulting in gaining a major sale?

There are times when sales people do not respond well to a sales performance review.  Can you recall any meeting that didn’t turn out as you had planned with your staff? What was the outcome?

How did you decide on sales performance goals for your sales people? How did you establish these goals? Give me an example.

Tell me about some of the most difficult sales presentations you have ever made.  How did they pan out?

Have you ever tried to present an idea to a team with a view to improving sales, but were unable to gain their acceptance.  How did you handle it and how did you present it?

To be effective in this job, you will need to be good at persuading and motivating sales people. Give me an example of when you had to convince a group of sales people who were reluctant to agree with you.

What was your most successful sale in your selling career? Why was this sale so important? What did you gain from this experience?

Think of a time when a sales call did not turn out the way you had
planned. Why?

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Sales Manager Job

In most countries a “Sales Manager Job” or a “Regional Sales Manager Job” is in high demand. Companies are feeling the pinch in this world downturn and turmoil. If you are looking for a sales manager job how important is it for you to understand how to sell?

If you are trying to secure a Sales Manager Job where you are in control of a sales team or you want a Regional Sales Manager Job where you are in charge of a group of sales managers do you feel it is important to understand how to sell?

If you go for an interview for that sales manager job can you convince your prospective employer you understand the difference between making a simple sales or making a major sale?

Many companies are looking for strong sales managers and exeptional regional sales managers however there are many who think it more important to employ a “technical” type sales person who has a full understanding of the product or service they are offering rather than ability to sell that product.

My take on this is simple, if you want to secure that sales manager job or regional manager job the ability to convince your prospective employer on your sales ability is paramount. I strongly recomend you study the differences between making simple sales and making major sales. Grab a free copy of my ebook right here on the blog.

Go for that interview in a positive and forthright manner and who knows you may secure the very best sales manager job in your region.

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SPIN Selling Summary

There’s no doubt about it, questions persuade more powerfully than any other form of verbal behavior. And this is not just in selling.”

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