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More on the Sales Managers Job

The key to success for a Sales Manager job.

To be a successful Sales Manager is to focus on planning, relationship building and effective communication.

A problem many Sales Managers face is seeing themselves as the person stuck in the middle, trying to find the correct balance between people above and people below in the organization.

The definition of a sales managers job is just as it sounds, to “manage sales”. It also means managing sales people, assisting these people to achieve their goals, making certain they have the correct selling skills and tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Every day I come across sales people involved in selling luxury goods, such as cars and real estate, many of them have no idea of the skills required to making major sales and sadly they have no direction from their sales manager.

Relationship management and planning determines the success of any business.

How good is the company you work for? Just consider these simple factors:

1. How easy is it for customers to contact the sales manager or a sales person in your company?

2. Can your customer be confident your product or service can provide a solution?

3. As a Sales Manager where are your sales people? Are they on the road in front of customers or are they tied up in some company meeting?

4. Do your sales people understand the difference in skills required for making major sales as opposed to making simple sales?

5. As a Sales Manager are you doing everything possible to motivate your sales staff? Are you providing them with adequate back up and training?

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SPIN Selling « Selling B2B Service

It was a pleasure to recently re-read SPIN Selling . Rackham does a fine job of summarizing the results of a massive sales research effort. Anyone who has been a salesperson or has taught professional selling must be amused by his …

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Confidence-Whose responsibility is it?

Today’s rant is about confidence, something that is required in any Sales Manager’s Job.

Only one person can build your confidence – guess who? That’s right, you.
If you don’t do it, who will?

It will only happen if you make a firm commitment, set goals, plan a strategy and take action.

All of this means accepting full responsibility for yourself – deciding to be confident and refusing to allow anyone to deflect you from your chosen course.

Accepting responsibility adds up to never, never blaming other people for:

1. Your lack of confidence
2. How others treat you
3. Your thoughts, words and actions
4. Failures, misfortunes and setbacks
5. Or anything else.

Assume that everything that happens from now on is your own doing. Think and behave accordingly.

You’ll find it’s one of the most liberating things you can do.

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Have we forgotten how to sell? What are Sales Manager’s doing?

This is a recent news item from Webpro News:

My take on this is maybe we are missing the boat. When will company managers and Sales managers start to understand that selling is a skill?

Do customers require incentives and discounts to buy all of the time? From my experience selling skills overide all of this nonsense and it is seriously part of a sales managers job to train and motivate their staff. Once they grasp the difference between making major sales and making simple sales they are part of the way there.

E-Commerce News: Retail: Retailers’ Soul-Searching Struggle to Keep Customers

Retailers need to offer customers more services to make themselves indispensable and work with the government to help solve economic and social woes even as they deal with seismic changes in consumer behavior, industry leaders said Monday.

Departing Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) More about Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott told retailers they need to get involved in broader issues such as health care, immigration, energy independence and environmental sustainability, and said that doing so would resonate with shoppers and improve the bottom line.

“We need to tackle the hard issues,” Scott said at the annual National Retail Federation convention, noting that retailers in particular are close to what consumers are thinking. “As businesses we have a responsibility to society. We also have an extraordinary opportunity.”

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Sales Manager Tips

Only one tip today:

Treat your sales staff with respect. Do not criticise them in front of others, if you have anything you disapprove of please make certain you discuss it in private with the person concerned.

There is nothing worse for staff moral than a dressing down in front of others. Big bully’s only demonstrate this behaviour and a great sales manager does not have this streak. Positive motivation only, that is part of the Sales Managers job.

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Sales Manager Jobs – tips for 2009

As a Sales Manager you will no doubt be seriously challenged in your role this year if you run a sales team involved in Making Major Sales. I therefore have two tips today:

The first is to make absolutely certain your sales staff is totally familiar with the difference between making a simple sale and making a major sale. If they are not clear on this fact you face an uphill battle.

The best and fastest way to ensure a clear understanding on this is to invest in the very best book ever written on the subject of selling “Making Major Sales” by Neil Rackham of Huthwaite research.

In my opinion this book should be a mandatory purchase for any Sales Manager worth their salt. Rackham has proven beyond doubt there is a massive difference in the skill set required to conclude a major sale as opposed to a simple sale.

The second tip is to ensure you have the right sales people. The best and easiest way to achieve this is to invest in another world class book by Bradford D Smart and Greg Alexander “Topgrading for sales”.

This particular book focuses on how to weed out and employ the very best sales people out there.

We have just begun a new year and if we believe the news it will be a tough one. Therefore the Sales Manager’s Job is to ensure correct tools and strategies are in place for the team.

Make it your priority in 2009 to grab these two books from Amazon (see the link to the side) or any other book supplier carrying the very best in sales training.

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The “Sales Manager Jobs” continued

What type of challenges face a Sales Manager every day when he or she walk into that office?

Is it sales staff motivation?

Is it sales staff reporting and accountability?


Is it grief from higher up in your organization?

No doubt the typical Sales Manager’s Job varies from place to place and company to company. However consider this:

As a sales manager are you a coach? Are you a motivator?

We have all seen and heard about the economic downturn in the newspapers and on Television. We are blasted every day on how 2009 is going to be a tough year.

Therefore I have decided to dedicate some time over the next few weeks to assisting the Sales Manager and posting some worthwhile tips that should make the Sales Managers Job more rewarding and worthwhile in these so called gloomy times.

There can be no doubt the Sales Manager who is entirely on top of their game, with the right attitude will not be affected by any downturn. It is a case of working smarter, motivating the team in the correct manner and sharpening the act.

Keep your eye on this blog over the next few days and even if you get one tip that helps you it will be worthwhile.

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More on “Sales Manager Jobs”

How many times do we have to look at what a Sales Manager’s Job consists of?

It is a plain fact that good sales people do not always make good sales managers. A Sales Manager needs to understand the basic selling skills and also must know the difference between making a simple sale and making major sales. However above all a sales managers job is to manage a sales team.

Many companies just get this wrong, there are advertisements everywhere for sales managers yet many of them are actually for sales people. In other words there is no team, nor is there any intention of putting a team together.

In these situations it is only a fancy title.

There is no doubt a great sales manager can make a great team. If you are in the business of making major sales and have a sales managers job available I strongly recommend the the book “Topgrading for Sales” reviewed in an earlier post.

Get your priorities right, find a Sales manager who knows how to sell but above all knows how to manage and motivate sales people.

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