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Tips on How to Improve Your Sales from SPIN-SELLING | How To Grow …

I used to consider Sales a bad word; until I got good at it! In this case if you’re not comfortable with the idea of selling’ you can replace “Sales”

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SPIN Selling: Book of the Month

YOU CAN’T EVER STOP LEARNING HOW TO SELL BOOK OF THE MONTH: Spin Selling by Neil Rackham It would appear that pretty much everyone who’s trying to convince you of the importance of something these days has an acronym.

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Ex Xerox supersalesmen reunite!

Recently Steve Jones and his wife Sue visited New Zealand.

Luckily I was in the country at the time and managed to arrange a get together of a few ex Xerox sales staff.
We all worked at Auckland branch in the early seventies (you can tell by the age)!

An Alcohol free lunch.

From the left: Dave Perry, Steve Jones, Ray Duncan, Steve Hilliar, Ken Arnold

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SPIN Selling Coupons

Click The Image To Look at The Littlest Prices For SPIN Selling! SPIN Selling. Click Here To Buy SPIN Selling at The international bestseller that revolutionized high-end selling! Written by Neil Rackham, former president …

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"Pricing Isn't the Problem": Spin Selling on the Recession

“What’s the best strategy for selling in a recession?” The interview highlighted 3 courses of action: #1 Focus on high probability accounts rather than high activity.

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Sales Courses

Here is a site that offers good communication skills material.

Sales Training Programs and Sales Courses That Strengthen Sales … – Effective sales courses from an advanced sales training program that turn an educational investment into profitable behavior go beyond basic training, and train for the individual and the future. Sales courses in sales training programs …

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Sales People and Recreation

It is a known fact that good sales people require a reasonable balanced life between work and recreation. When I was at Xerox in the Seventies a group of us sales people were heavily into running. We would meet each night at the Auckland Domain and run for an hour or so.
Naturally there we great runners like Terry Eames, Jim Riley and George Statham who were capable of clocking up ten miles or so without a problem.
It was interesting to note how these people were not only the best at running but also the very best when it came to making major sales.

Nowadays athletics is still a popular way to get fit however we have also seen other sports become very popular. Take for instance Skateboarding, this is a craze that has really taken off since the eighties, the equipment has got better, there are parks all over the country that have skateboarding platforms and I know many sales people have taken up that sport too. This time spent on recreation is invaluable not only from the point of being fit but also for the mind. It is one of the best times to evaluate your sales performance. It is also time to think about ideas for forthcoming presentations.

If you are agile, and reasonably fit why not consider taking up Skateboarding. It is not just for those young guys you see floating around the streets, there are some very serious people from all walks of life into it and I recommend you check it out.
Here is a great site to visit for some Skateboard Inspiration. The Skateshop:

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Neil Rackham: SPIN Selling in 10 Minutes | Sales Machine | BNET

Tactics and tips for everyone in your sales force: BNET’s Geoffrey James shows what it takes to be a closer.

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What is Sales Training?

Sales Training and sales education is the process of acquiring knowledge from teachers and sales people through their experiences. It is this learning that one gets to the top in this fascinating career. It mainly involves activities like imparting knowledge by the teachers in classrooms, presentation of study materials by trainers, practical training in workshop by the instructor with the aim to train the sales person in subject matter and to give them exposure on the practical aspects of real time situations.

What is the need for Sales Training?
Sales Training and Education on how do deal with making major sales are basic fundamental and an important ingredient required for development of any person who wishes to make big sales.
Sales Training and Education of a sales person improves income, mental status, and knowledge, also the abilities to develop skills to face practical and real situations. Sales Training is the only weapon with which one can kill ignorance and fight with unawareness.

A properly trained Sales person can perceive things in a better way because they acquire the skills and mind to see things differently. They have a knowledge with which they are able to understand all the facets of any sales problem and then will be able to handle the situation in a better way.

Status of a good sales education on how to make major sales is low in most organizations. Though continuous efforts are being made by some companies to achieve the higher standard most are still focused on general sales training.

But why is this so? The main reason is the average sales person and most companies just do not understand the difference between making simple sales and making major sales. Most of the books out there just cover the same old repeated tuition from the early ages.

Lack of Education in making a major sale is costing many sales people and their employers a great deal of profit and lost commission. There is very little or no infrastructure in schools or companies to cover this most important role. If you are interested in how to move from order taker to professional sales person fill just pop your name and email into the box for a rare insight on the difference between making a simple sales and making a major sale.
If you are a sales manager or sales person looking to secure a sales manager’s job the details on this website may assist you. Read on!

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