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Sales Training

Thailand is one of my favourite places and here is a photo of me surrounded by a great group of sales people involved in making major sales.
These people sell high end electronics and smart home for my really great friends RSGB in the new Paragon shopping center in Bangkok. Krisda and chalailak started the business years ago and they are the leading experts in smart home technology for that country.
I have spent many happy hours with these wonderful people and they love what they do. They all have the passion for the consumer electronics industry.


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De Vos and selling

Rich Devos is one of the original founders of Amway. Here is a rather candid interview with Rich about the Amway sales process and as you are probably well aware Amway is seriously successful. As far as I am aware the sales are handled by multi level sales people. The company seems to be rather big on Sales Training and customer service training.

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Ferrari for sale?

A major sale


What is a major sale?

I have been asked this question a lot, naturally this applies to all industries and there are many examples regardless of what business or vocation you are involved in.

For instance, if you are retailing television sets, a simple sale could be new batteries for the remote control unit. Also a making a major sale normally could involve more than one interview with a client.
Selling a property usually always means many discussions with the prospective buyer and one of the things most sales people forget is that time between appointments can be lethal.

The reason is because it is very common for clients to change their needs or requirements and guess what? The salesperson just normally assumes nothing has changed since the last appointment and once again yaps their head off giving the client information that has very little effect on a successful outcome.
It can be the same when buying a car, it is very rare a person makes an instant decision to buy a new vehicle when they first visit a car dealer. A simple sale for a car dealer could be a tin of polish or tire cleaner. Selling the vehicle is a totally different kettle of fish.

If only the average car salesperson really understood this; unfortunately the average sales person does not. When someone walks onto a car yard there is normally a little seed in their mind. It is likely they may be thinking of changing their car, or in fact they may fully intend to change their car. It is the job of a sales person to find out what that person’s intentions are, not sit in their little office tied to the phone or eating their lunch. I have seen so many car salesmen simply ignore customers and leave them to wander off to their competition next door.

The skill is to have that client expose that intention, uncover whether it is either implied or explicit. gathering this information takes a lot of practice, while this is very natural for a sales star it can be extremely difficult for the inexperienced or someone who has just entered the sales profession.

The real estate industry and the car sales business has to be the two professions where sales people come and go like the wind. Only those who are well trained usually last for the long term. In fact real estate must surely be the most transient sales profession there is.

We are currently compiling a very intensive sales course dedicated to both of these popular sales professionals. The focus is entirely on making major sales. In both cases we explain in detail how to ask questions that will expose those implied needs and how to ask further questions that will expose explicit needs. These explicit needs are vital to making major sales. You will be quite surprised to learn that an implied need rarely results in a sale.

Keep on learning, keep on selling.


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Selling door to door

I am not sure how lucky you are if you sell high value items or services door to door however many people choose it as a profession. Some people sell cleaning products etc that may be of fairly low value and traditional sales methods may work well in these cases.

However if you sell high value goods it is what we call a major sale. The skill set required is very different and there are many reasons why. Research has shown some people have natural skills making major sales and others need to learn those skills. Selling door to door requires great discipline and if your items are expensive it is possible there may be more than one call required to any prospective customer. There are good courses available on making door to door sales out there but you really can’t go past the book “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham.


Good Selling




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Rally the sales force

Here is a paragraph taken from Sales Effectiveness Inc, it was written by Carlos Quintero the president and founder of the company. It is very interesting reading and without any doubt he is right on the button. However there is very little talk of why high achievers making major sales are so good at what they do. Training people to be like these achievers is not easy because the old traditional sales training methods do not cut it any longer.

Research has shown these high achieving sales people have a totally different behaviour pattern, they are few and far between and changing a persons behaviour is not an easy task. However I suggest you read what Carlos has to say as his company understand what sales organizations need these days.


here is the article:

“Sales teams have always been about vim and vigor, effort and drive, but in this economy, sales people can’t depend on their friendships or gift of gab,” Quintero said. “Customers are no longer buying on relationships alone. They’re making business decisions and looking for business value.”

Successful sales forces have to be well educated. “They need to do their homework and align their offerings with the strategic needs of the customer. Their aim is to become a trusted advisor,” Quintero said. With more analysis going into sales decisions and longer buying cycles, sales people need to practice patience and resilience. “They also need the technical acumen to make use of all the rich information that the Internet and social media networks can provide,” he said.

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discount store

The Real Problem

Everywhere you look there are discounts. The consumer electronics industry is just one place where you see week after week big discounts on TV screens, DVD players and the like.

Who is responsible for these discounts? We know the retailer is giving away margin and in fact many of these retailers are going out of business very quickly. Some retail outlets advertise their prices will not be beaten. The owners of these companies always complain about lack of margin or their competitors when something goes wrong. With all of the research carried out world wide the real problem lies with the sales people. It is a known fact that people generally do not make a purchased based on price alone. There are many other factors that determine the motivation for a purchase.

However we also know there is very little sales training provided to retail sales people. Product training yes, Sales Training no. Why is this?

We believe the real reason for this is simple. The business owner really does not understand there is a serious difference in skill set between selling something simple like an audio lead and selling a sixty inch Plasma TV panel. If you are involved in retail selling big ticket items you will find many hints and tips on this blog on making major sales.

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