A Cautionary Tale for Today’s times – Are we really getting better?

A Personal Perspective

Companies around the world devote huge resources and spend vast sums of money trying to recruit and develop leaders at all levels. There is lots of talk about exciting concepts such as “transformational leadership” “emotional intelligence” and the “servant leader”.

Some even advise us that in today’s organization we are all leaders now. So there is great excitement and energy around the whole leadership field. Regional Managers and Sales Managers are supposed to be leaders. We talk of leaders as people who inspire, motivate and stretch mindsets to achieve impossible goals.

They create compelling visions and vibrant places to work. But set against the current socio-economic, business environment I ask whether our current leaders are actually making the grade? I am constantly traveling the world and in the field of “making major sales” I feel things are the same in every country. Most Regional Managers and Sales Managers along with most company leaders are just not aware there is a difference between making a simple sale and making major sales.

What does leadership mean in today’s world?

How well served are we by today’s corporate and political

Does the rhetoric of leadership match the current reality?

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