A Missed Sale

Recently I went to a major retailer with the intention of purchasing a new Apple Mac Pro computer. I had a sincere desire to purchase.

I was looking at the various models on show and I suspected the prices advertised were higher than I had seen in most other stores. After a time spent looking I was finally approached by a salesman. “Can I help you” was his opening comment (great right)? Then I asked why the prices advertised were higher than elsewhere. The straight answer in return was “We do not give discounts” My immediate reaction was “I was not asking for a discount, I was asking why the prices were higher than elsewhere”.

I actually suspected the prices were higher because they were offering a no interest deal for 12 months. Regardless the salesman persisted down the track of just saying “We do not give discounts”. Naturally this really got my back up and next minute there was rather an uncomfortable scene when I really lost it with the guy. In the end I walked out of the store follwed by a rather assertive female store manager who was defending her idiot salesman. The following day I bought the computer from another store for cash at the correct retail price.

Retail selling of major items requires skill and understanding. “Making Major Sales” such as a computer, plasma screen, houses or aircraft require study. We need more retailers to focus on Sales Training and raise the level expected by customers like me.

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