A Simple Sales Strategy: Define What Selling Is!

How do you define selling? A lot of people think of selling aspersuading/convincing people to buy things they may or may notwant or need. To some, selling is all about closing a deal.Thinking of selling like this is not very empowering to you.Frankly, if you have this perspective on selling, it’s no wonderif you hate it. I would too!
So what perspective can you take about selling that will make itenjoyable, exciting and something you look forward to? Soundslike a bit of a tall order doesn’t it? Read on.
Hopefully by now, you have made the list of all the problemsthat you can solve for your target market. You’re going to besurprised how long that list grows over time. So really, if youlook at your list and you think about it, you are a masterproblem solver. What you’re really doing is helping people.Correct?
So try on this perspective about what selling is: Selling ishelping people. Selling is serving. Selling is a process ofidentifying and solving people’s problems.
See, feel and know that selling is serving. This will cause abig shift for you. With this perspective, you will really becomepassionate about wanting to help people. Find this passion andlet it shine through.
It is your purpose, your moral obligation, to have as many salesconversations with people as you can so you can help as manypeople as possible. If you’re not having these types of salesconversations, you are holding back the gift you have to offerthe world. You owe it to people to be there for them with yourexpertise and wisdom.
Next time you’re talking to a potential client, think about howyou can help them, how you can serve them. Forget about tryingto sell them something. If what you have to offer does solvetheir problems, and you facilitate the conversation using thestrategies we are covering, people will sell themselves and willsubsequently buy from you.
If you have a perspective on selling which is one of service andhelping people, how do you think the people you’re talking towill feel? Think about this: people hate to be sold. The minutethey feel they’re being sold, they often want to get away -fast. Don’t you? On the other hand, if they feel you aresincerely trying to help them solve their problems, they willrelax and open up to you.
If you have a perspective on selling which is one of service andhelping people, how do you think you will feel? Does energized,excited, relaxed, and natural come to mind?
This perspective is simple but powerful and very attract-tive toclients.
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