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Welcome everyone…

My name is Steve Hilliar and I am publishing Sales Training material for sales people who sell high value products and services.

I have been in the sales business for more than 36 years.

I was employed by XEROX Corporation for six years from 1975 as a major account salesperson after-which I was fortunate enough to become their National Sales Training Manager. During that time I was part of a sales training department with access to the best training material ever compiled.

These were Sales Training programs all about making that “big sale” normally out of reach to average sales staff of most companies.

After leaving Xerox to start my own importing business, the passion for selling has traveled with me since.

With twenty years of selling Consumer Electronics, I sold my business and have spent the remaining years running sales seminars throughout Europe and Asia.

The material I am producing is simple, powerful, and easy to learn addressing the key issues in this most exciting vocation. Our courses are based on research carried out by Neil Rackham of Huthwaite Research in the UK during the 1970’s.

To this day I am still astounded at the lack of importance many companies place on sales training.Those people who become involved with this material normally achieve significant increases in their sales.

If you are interested in producing a program dedicated and tailored specifically for your company, you are welcome to get in touch with directly through our contact page.


If you are a professional sales person wishing to improve your skills; please start by downloading my interpretation of Neil’s first book “Spin Selling” You can do so on the Home Page.

– See more at: http://www.makingmajorsales.com/home

My personal website is  http://www.stevehilliar.com