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Is Customer Service Training Important?

What does this mean to Retail Business around the world? If this is not a message to store owners I do not know what is.

Customer Service Training, has to be a very high prority for the peaopls selling high value goods off the showroom florr. In my opinion it is most important to ensure the store has the stock in house for immediate availability. If not why would a customer not just go and make a purchase online?

Any retailer who wants to sell high value items these days surely must make an effort to offer leadership courses.

I am very interested in receiving any comments on this post about Salemove and and would value your opinion.

If you believe in Sales Management Training, let me know.

SaleMove Wants To Make Selling BigTicket Items On The Web Thu, 11 Jul 2013 18:35:02 GMT

You and I might buy a pair of socks online without a second thought, but buying a car? Or a pricey bit of jewelry? The process becomes much trickier as the..

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The Best Kept Secret in Sales


Some very extensive research discovered there is a phenomenal difference in skill set required to make a “Big Ticket Sale” As opposed to selling basic items such as pens and pencils. A large proportion of people selling high value goods and services are not aware of it and they seriously need to know. Many sales people are big talkers just like me. However I multiplied my sales ability when I discovered this secret. If you are having trouble engaging customers and closing those big sales, go and grab the summary available by just putting your details in the box on the right.
Do you feel customer service training is important? What about sales managers training? if in fact you don’t think it is that important I still recommend you download the free report. You may be very surprised.

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5 tips for non-evil sales

I am always on the lookout for great sales advice and if you read this article and follow the link you will get some very useful tips.
while they can bring in quick cash, can also doom your company in the long term. Meanwhile, practicing good sales not only helps your company be more successful in the long term, but lets you sleep and night and keeps you from burning out quickly.
By Hypergrid Business on Sat, 14 Dec 2013 10:47:33 -0800

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Interview with Neil Rackham

Here is a sensational interview with Neil Rackham the founder of “Spin Selling”

Neil is my mentor and I believe he was the first person in the world who really understood the sales process. Neil discovered there was difference in skill set required to make a major sale over making a simple sale. There is no doubt there is a set of behaviour displayed by the super stars of selling and they understand this difference.

There are many companies and sales people out there who have absolutely no idea they are missing opportunities when it comes to selling high ticket items or high value services.

Sales Managers training is most important before a sales course is introduced to sales classes. In my opinion Real Estate Sales People take heed, you are one of a crowd who need to understand what Neil has to say.

you can read more about it right here:

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Technology and Innovation Transforming Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs

Here is a video showing how you can transform your sales training programs in the pharmaceutical business. I have many people asking me about pharmaceutical sales training. This is interesting because pharmaceutical sales can be very complex.
Technology & Innovation Transforming Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs
CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sales training programs are responsible for not only bringing new hires up-to-speed, but for keeping the remainder of the sales force informed as well. In today’s challenging bio-pharmaceutical
By PR Newswire (press release) on Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:00:00 -0800

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How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler

Here is a very interesting video by Jim Ziegler on Automotive selling. This guy obviously has been very succesful in the field of making major sales therefore well worth viewing.
How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler.

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People buy from people

Every shop owner fears the internet, yet they forget one GREAT benefit their shop has over the internet:

The customer can see and talk with real people!

These people are known as their team.   If everyone liked buying from the impersonal internet then the streets would be empty.  We like to buy from people whom we can see and talk with at the same time.

We know if they lying (or at least we think we do) because we can see it in the faces and their body language.   As individuals, most of us have questions we cannot find answers  on the internet, especially when it comes to electrical goods. the reason, for example, we may not know the right terminology.   This allows a store’s team to talk to customers, get to know them, build a relationship with them and if the sales person is worth their salt sell them the product.    Often, if a customer walks away and buys  on the internet, it is because the sales person has not done a good enough job of selling.

Therefore the responsibility of business owners to offer sales classes and customer service training is absolutely imperative in today’s market.

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The Critical First Mindset for Mastering Sales

We do not normally show video on Sales Training unless it is relevant to “Making Major Sales” However this video from Noah Hammond is something all Sales Trainers should be teaching their salespeople.

We are astounded at the amount of organizations who do not offer any type of sales classes to their staff, Sales manager training is vital if there happens to be a sales manager running the sales team.

How many businesses offer customer service training? Are you a sales person who has to search the internet to find out how to sell? If that is the case we suggest you talk with your employer and ask about some type of sales program that suits specifically what you sell. If you are in car sales, you need automobile sales training. It must be a sales class in making major sales.

It is well worth while looking at and decide where you fit the sales picture.
Sales Training –

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The bleating goes on

Sorry folks I have been totally sidetracked from blogging lately and have been so busy with seminars in various parts of the world; the time just goes by.

However I have to say a few words about retailers and their views toward some of their suppliers.

Just recently I have had the opportunity to visit some of my old retail friends in New Zealand. These good people are in the consumer electronics industry, one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Most of these retailers buy from local distributors and very much rely on getting fair pricing, good continuity of stock and above all great communication. I am just amazed at the stories I have heard over the last week. One retailer who I know does fantastic business for a large manufacturer from Japan. This retailer has NOT been visited by his supplier in four years. The same retailer was recently invited to a product release of a famous brand that had recently changed distributors.The effort to get there was a five hour drive, the cost of accommodation overnight and guess what?

They never met the owner of that business? They did not meet the most important person who was the representative of a well known brand of stereo equipment.

With this type of treatment by wholesalers toward their retailers just baffles me. These distributors should be totally fearful of technology changes that could easily be the demise of their business.

There appears to be no sales classes in any of the big wholesalers I know in New Zealand. They all have Sales Managers but no Sales Manager Training. In all the years I was in the Consumer Electronics business, it was non existence except for a large supplier in Canada who built wonderful Loudspeaker products.

Clever people are now offering grey market products at much lower prices and unless these OFFICIAL representatives for well known companies get off their butts and go visit the mouth that feeds them they deserve all they get.


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How on earth can this happen? Opra Winfrey calls it a Racist moment, however I call it nothing out of the ordinary in business today. Sales people in retail are struggling all over the world.

This woman working as a sales person in a Zurich high end store walked away from a major sale.

For once this sales loss became world news. A ridiculously high cost hand bag, no doubt covered in glitter. The woman would not show it to Opra and indicated it was out of her price range. Unfortunately Opra sees it as a racist comment but this is standard practice in many stores world wide.

Sales people for some reason just make too many assumptions, they judge customers by appearance, possibly look at their race but generally these sales people have had no sales training and have never attended Sales Classes or have ever had the chance to attend a sales course of any kind. They may understand features of their products but have very little understanding on what their customers wish to buy. Unless they ask their customer questions how can they expect to sell high value product?
This episode in Switzerland is nothing unusual, people who sell high ticket items, especially in retail have no sales training, there Sales Manager (if they have one) has usually had no Sales Managers Training either.

Can you just imagine how this sales person in Switzerland must have felt after all this publicity? It is easy to criticize her but it is not her fault. I can guarantee she does not know the difference in sales skills between making a high value sale as opposed to a simple sale.

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