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How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler

Here is a very interesting video by Jim Ziegler on Automotive selling. This guy obviously has been very succesful in the field of making major sales therefore well worth viewing.
How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler.

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The car dealership and car sales people

Here is a video about sales in American car dealerships. We all know how bad some car dealerships are, and how bad car sales people can be.

What is it about vehicle salesmen? The world is full of them but how many have ever read a book on Selling? How many understand the difference in what their selling as opposed to selling a floor mat for the car?

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The dreaded car yard and car sales people

Car sales people, Car yards, vehicle sales. Are they all the same? It sure seems like it. My recent experience was when I had a whim and thought I would check out the famous British car Jaguar. (Now owned by a company in India I believe).

I walked onto the yard when there was very few people around and has plenty of time to look. It was not long, (shorter than usual) before I was approached by a smart looking car sales person. The first words were the dreaded “Can I help you?” I pointed out that I was taking a look at Jaguar as I had not taken any interest since the days of high maintenance with leaky oil seals and faulty transmission units.

Well I was in for an education, the salesman really got into high gear and started pointing out endless features covering a number of different models. I cannot remember ever having such a complete list of features from anyone for so long. He took me through each model in detail, raving with wild enthusiasm about how great these cars were. Including pointing out the manufacture was still conducted in the UK regardless of the fact it was now owned by an Indian organization.

I was told about the leather seats, GPS system, Ipod accessory sockets, phone prep etc. Overall the lecture went on for close to forty five minutes. During this time the salesman also pointed out that he was once a mechanic so he knew all about the Jaguar and how it has now overcome the service issues it was renowned for in the old days.

Quite frankly I had been bombarded with information, not one single question was asked of me, nothing about who I was, where had I come from, what was I driving, why I had visited there yard today.

When I was about to leave I was aked if I would like to take a drive in one of the new cars, my reaction at that time was “Maybe later”.

At that point I was asked if I would be happy to leave my mobile number and he would call in the weekend to see if I would come in and take a test drive at that time. Naturally I gave him the number and went on my merry way. All in all quite a daunting experience and I left totally confused on which models I had actually seen. In fairness to the salesman I did get a call and he left a message inviting me in to take a test drive.

At this point I have not been back. My thoughts about all this brings me to the point in asking why these sales people are not trained. Why don’t they understand how to ask questions? The business people miss when making major sales must be astounding and even learning a few fundamentals would help.

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How Sell Cars Easily and Maximize Profits?

The hardest thing to do in the nosedived economic conditions is to sell a car. People around the globe believe that, in the worst economic conditions, the sales of the new cars will decrease while the used car sale increases and hence they will be able to sell used cars easily and profitably. The above said statement is true except the fact that you won’t be able to sell used cars profitably in the down turned economic conditions. You will have to wait really long to sell your car profitably. While you may be worried on “how to sell my car” quickly and maximize profits, the easiest means of selling cars often remain un-explored. Just keep reading on the article to discover the valuable tips on “How to sell my car quickly for more profits”.

The Car Buying Services are the best options

I am considering the Car Buying services as the best option to sell my car. I prefer this method to sell my car as there are many benefits associated with this method. For example, I won’t be able to make a profitable car sale within 20 minutes in using the conventional methods of selling. I am very sure that no one in this planet will be able to sell a car instantly with atleast marginal profits unless they approach a car buying service provider. With the help of the car buying services, I will be able to sell my car profitably within 20 minutes and get the payment instantly. Since all the paper works and the document preparation will be done by the car buying service providers, we don’t have to worry about anything.

Though there are countless numbers of car buying service providers around the Globe, not all of them are genuine. Moreover, you will not be able to make huge profits out of used car sales in dealing with rookie car buying service providers. You should find the car buying service prodders who are in the field for many years. The best feature of these car buying services is that you can get a quote for the used car for sale instantly. You will be able to get an instant quote regardless the model, make or mileage. To the added advantage, you can negotiate the price and get a revised quote if you are not satisfied with the initial one.

Bottom line

The car buying service providers are not only for selling cars but also to buy cars at cheaper prices. For example, if I want to sell my car and quickly buy a new car, I will be able to buy my car within an hour with the help of car buying websites. As there will be a huge collection of used cars available with the car buying service provides, choosing the used car of your choice is very easy.

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How to sell a car

I have been considering changing my car; at the moment I have a five series BMW of 2004 vintage. I have been visiting some of the BMW people looking at newer models.

The biggest dealerships in our town seem to work on the basis of look at what we have and if you are interested let us know.

I received an email just today from a large BMW dealer advising me of a 2009 model three series to consider.

Naturally the price was rather out side my price bracket and I indicated I was considering a switch of brand as I could not find a suitable model in BMW. All of this communication was by email.

How to sell a car? Is email the way to sell a car? The guy had my phone number why did he not call?

The response I got when I indicated a switch of brand was:

“Well we don’t have anything else of interest but will let you know if something comes in.”

Is this the way for a big BMW dealer to sell a car? I feel it is a dam good reason to look at another brand.

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“Ferrari for Sale”

Ferrari for sale?

Is your Ferrari for sale? Do you sell Ferrari’s?

Do you know selling a Ferrari really is making a major sale. Purchasing this car is not a decision many buyers would make lightly.

However I have walked in and out of many high end car showrooms and was never spoken to by anyone. What is it about salespeople? One would think any company offering vehicles of this cost would make certain their sales people were trained and on the ball.

The fact of the matter is like many other luxury product such as cars, boats and any other big ticket item the sales person is usually an enthusiast first.

You can bet your bottom dollar a Ferrari sales person knows everything about this car. They will know how fast it can go, they will be happy to tell you everything relating to the “history of Ferrari” to all the details about Enzo Ferrari himself.

However will they ask anything about you? Will they ask why you are visiting a Ferrari showroom? Will they ask what motivated you to visit them?

From my own experience when dealing with “high ticket items” the “questions” are few but the “telling” is high. You will quickly find out how Ferrari is doing in the Formula one series but unlikely to be asked a great deal about your interest.

The fact is, it does not matter what you look like, it does not matter whether you look rich or poor. Making Major Sales is a skill and my advice to any company or salesperson involved in selling Ferrari’s, Porsche, Aston Martin or any other Luxury Auto should dedicate their time in learning the differences between making simple sales and making major sales. If their pocket depends on it there is a slight possibility it may expand.

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