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Interview with Neil Rackham

Here is a sensational interview with Neil Rackham the founder of “Spin Selling”

Neil is my mentor and I believe he was the first person in the world who really understood the sales process. Neil discovered there was difference in skill set required to make a major sale over making a simple sale. There is no doubt there is a set of behaviour displayed by the super stars of selling and they understand this difference.

There are many companies and sales people out there who have absolutely no idea they are missing opportunities when it comes to selling high ticket items or high value services.

Sales Managers training is most important before a sales course is introduced to sales classes. In my opinion Real Estate Sales People take heed, you are one of a crowd who need to understand what Neil has to say.

you can read more about it right here:

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Technology and Innovation Transforming Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs

Here is a video showing how you can transform your sales training programs in the pharmaceutical business. I have many people asking me about pharmaceutical sales training. This is interesting because pharmaceutical sales can be very complex.
Technology & Innovation Transforming Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs
CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sales training programs are responsible for not only bringing new hires up-to-speed, but for keeping the remainder of the sales force informed as well. In today’s challenging bio-pharmaceutical
By PR Newswire (press release) on Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:00:00 -0800

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The bleating goes on

Sorry folks I have been totally sidetracked from blogging lately and have been so busy with seminars in various parts of the world; the time just goes by.

However I have to say a few words about retailers and their views toward some of their suppliers.

Just recently I have had the opportunity to visit some of my old retail friends in New Zealand. These good people are in the consumer electronics industry, one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Most of these retailers buy from local distributors and very much rely on getting fair pricing, good continuity of stock and above all great communication. I am just amazed at the stories I have heard over the last week. One retailer who I know does fantastic business for a large manufacturer from Japan. This retailer has NOT been visited by his supplier in four years. The same retailer was recently invited to a product release of a famous brand that had recently changed distributors.The effort to get there was a five hour drive, the cost of accommodation overnight and guess what?

They never met the owner of that business? They did not meet the most important person who was the representative of a well known brand of stereo equipment.

With this type of treatment by wholesalers toward their retailers just baffles me. These distributors should be totally fearful of technology changes that could easily be the demise of their business.

There appears to be no sales classes in any of the big wholesalers I know in New Zealand. They all have Sales Managers but no Sales Manager Training. In all the years I was in the Consumer Electronics business, it was non existence except for a large supplier in Canada who built wonderful Loudspeaker products.

Clever people are now offering grey market products at much lower prices and unless these OFFICIAL representatives for well known companies get off their butts and go visit the mouth that feeds them they deserve all they get.


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How on earth can this happen? Opra Winfrey calls it a Racist moment, however I call it nothing out of the ordinary in business today. Sales people in retail are struggling all over the world.

This woman working as a sales person in a Zurich high end store walked away from a major sale.

For once this sales loss became world news. A ridiculously high cost hand bag, no doubt covered in glitter. The woman would not show it to Opra and indicated it was out of her price range. Unfortunately Opra sees it as a racist comment but this is standard practice in many stores world wide.

Sales people for some reason just make too many assumptions, they judge customers by appearance, possibly look at their race but generally these sales people have had no sales training and have never attended Sales Classes or have ever had the chance to attend a sales course of any kind. They may understand features of their products but have very little understanding on what their customers wish to buy. Unless they ask their customer questions how can they expect to sell high value product?
This episode in Switzerland is nothing unusual, people who sell high ticket items, especially in retail have no sales training, there Sales Manager (if they have one) has usually had no Sales Managers Training either.

Can you just imagine how this sales person in Switzerland must have felt after all this publicity? It is easy to criticize her but it is not her fault. I can guarantee she does not know the difference in sales skills between making a high value sale as opposed to a simple sale.

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More Christmas Madness at Retail

Christmas madness continued.

I intend writing a post for real estate agents soon about “how to sell a house”. However it is prudent to continue the story about trying to purchase a Nespresso coffee machine in a retail store.

I mentioned about my experience at Farmers Trading Company in Nelson New Zealand where locally the company was advertising the product on television, however the retail sales person on the floor told me they did not carry stock in Nelson, nor did they offer to get one in. Who runs this outfit?

Anyway I left the store and drove to Noel Leeming appliances in Trafalgar Street, low and behold they had a full range of Nespresso machines and also a demo unit.
Was I in luck? I don’t think so.

Can you believe it? There was no-one in the store who knew anything about the units. They had no idea about how to operate the demo unit and a salesman told me “we will match any price”.

My reaction was “I want the right machine, and I would like to speak with someone who understands and can demonstrate the sample unit”. “Price is NOT the consideration here”.

Next they got someone to get some milk and attempt to make me a coffee. The person admitted they had no experience in using this demo machine.

Needless to say the coffee was undrinkable and naturally no sale.

All this took at least thirty minutes of my time and I was no further advanced in securing a coffee machine.

After all I had seen George Clooney on TV waxing miracle about this product.

Next trip was along to Harvey Norman in Nelson, I was getting used to slack service and people with no training now.

Harvey Norman surprised me, they had a full range of Nespresso machines on display and the advertised prices were much lower than in Noel Leeming.

However there was no demo unit. A young lady by the name of Brooke could sense that I was interested in a Nespresso machine and asked if she could explain about them.

First and foremost she asked why I was looking at Nespresso machine ? A great start as retail people normally never ask these kind of questions.
As the interview unfolded it was obvious to me this young lady had been well trained, she not only asked questions but convinced me that she truly understood these machines and despite the fact i could not see one in action and sample the goods I was sold on the type of machine I needed for the specific purpose I wanted it for. If you missed the earlier post is is here: Christmas madness

No guesses who got the sale here!


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How to by nespresso

Christmas madness in retail

Making Major sales at Christmas

Madness in retail goes on all year however it seems to get much worse the closer to the end of December.
I visited Farmers Trading Company a major department store in Nelson New Zealand a few days ago. My intention was the purchase of a small Nespresso machine I had seen advertised on Television the night before. This product looked as though it was great for travel as well as ideal for a small flat.
At this point I was not a 2012 type customer who normally does their research with the help of Google, I had been convinced by the high cost of the television advertisement it could be worth checking out.

Once I found the area where the coffee machines were displayed I could find no sign of Nespresso. When I eventually found a staff member for that area she had no idea whether they were stocked or not. She went off to check with a supervisor and duly arrived back with some bad and astounding news. The Farmers Trading Company had spent thousands advertising on peak time television but the only Farmers Store in this town of 70,000 people did not carry the Nespresso coffee machines.

On my way out I observed more madness, a couple were very interested in purchasing a set of garden furniture, yes a major sale in my book. The sales person showed them the product but displayed no sign of asking for an order. The couple were hot to trot, they asked to buy it.
“Oh but we do not have any”, was the answer the couple received from the sales person. The couple asked if the could buy the floor stock. “But we do not like to sell or floor stock” was the answer from the sales person. After hearing this I called out in a loud voice “A sales is a sale”.
The couple in unison said “we agree” and I then received the dirtiest look from the sales agent. At last the sales agent went off to see what she could do and as far as I could ascertain reluctantly agreed to sell the floor stock.
Why is it so hard to buy? Why is it a company would spend good money on nationwide television and not carry the advertised product in the store?

Well in my opinion it all comes down to training, staff must be properly trained, sales people must be aware of how to treat customers, what motivates them to make a purchase and above all, understand the difference between making a simple sale and making a major sale.

Things get worse in Nelson, wait until you read the next post. Coming soon.

In fact it is right here: More Christmas Madness

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Location:Laval Heights,Britannia Heights,New Zealand

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The Customer when making major sales

Here is a video that is right to the point and if you think making major sales is the same as making simple sales, think again. Here are my mentors and their research is now accepted world wide when it comes to making major sales.

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Selling door to door

I am not sure how lucky you are if you sell high value items or services door to door however many people choose it as a profession. Some people sell cleaning products etc that may be of fairly low value and traditional sales methods may work well in these cases.

However if you sell high value goods it is what we call a major sale. The skill set required is very different and there are many reasons why. Research has shown some people have natural skills making major sales and others need to learn those skills. Selling door to door requires great discipline and if your items are expensive it is possible there may be more than one call required to any prospective customer. There are good courses available on making door to door sales out there but you really can’t go past the book “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham.


Good Selling




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Selling Houses

Making Major Sales

Did you know there is a significant difference between making a simple sale and making a major sale? We believe this is the biggest kept secret in the field of selling. Can you sell big items like houses, cars, or even aircraft?

Why is it in most companies there is always a salesperson who is a cut above the rest? Research has proven these star sales people are few and far between. However the great news is that special skill can be achieved by almost anyone.

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How to sell Loudspeakers

This is for any sales people currently working as a sales person in the consumer electronics industry.

The consumer electronics industry is a tough market. The audio and video section of that industry is cut throat. Unfortunately most sales people selling loudspeakers and high quality audio products are passionate about what they do, passionate about the industry but don’t have the real skills to sell. I have compiled this book solely for these audio sales people to enhance their sales. After nearly thirty years in the AV business my passion for good loudspeakers has never wained.

When I sold out of Sound Group Holdings Ltd, a business that I founded in New Zealand back in the early 1980’s I was given the most incredible opportunity by some wonderful people in Canada.
Howard Heiber and Anthony Mosley were part of a world wide loudspeaker manufacturing company marketing mid to high end products throughout many countries.
Sound Group Holdings Ltd was their distributor in New Zealand and after I sold out I was offered the job of South Pacific Sales Manager. I was responsible for selling their products all over Asia.
The interesting thing was many people could not understand selling a Canadian made product into an area that already had low cost manufacturing facilities and it seemed a little like “Carrying Coals to Newcastle”.


However all Loudspeakers are not created equal and in this book I have outlined how new skills can be learned by retail floor salespersons to the company representative selling to organizations. This book will provide all the steps necessary to give a salesperson the tools and skills to sell a higher end product. How to escape the discount mentality and genuinely provide a customer with a product above and beyond that customers expectation.


The book “How to Sell Loudspeakers” will be released early in 2012 and will only be available in physical format. If you are selling high end audio products and you want to increase your sales contact us and we will advise you the minute this book is off the press.

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