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Malaysian AV Show 2009

I have just visited the 2009 Malaysian AV Show. This year was rather refreshing as the constant TV and Media talk about recession was totally proven to be wrong in Malaysia.

Dick Tan the show organizer and (better known as the Colonel) was on top form and he had a far better turnout than in 2008.

There were tons of new products, plasma screens, LCD panels and many new high quality HIFI amplifiers.

The interesting thing for me was the new low cost video and data projectors available at great prices. A consumer now gets a real bargain in this growing technology compared to a few years ago.
My great friend KS Tan the owner of Mediaplex Sbn and (better known as The General) was also there and selling products like wildfire. KS is one of the best guys around in the AV business a really good salesman, good businessman and over all a real gentleman.

It is so good to be involved with people who are winners and believe 100% in double win relationships.

Kuala Lumpur is a cool city, great food and well worth a visit.

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Interview techniques for a “Sales Manager Job”

Here are some questions I would suggest you use when interviewing a person for a”Sales Manager Job”:

How would you describe a major sale?

What exposure have you had in making major sales?

Give me an example of how and when you handled an objection resulting in gaining a major sale?

There are times when sales people do not respond well to a sales performance review.  Can you recall any meeting that didn’t turn out as you had planned with your staff? What was the outcome?

How did you decide on sales performance goals for your sales people? How did you establish these goals? Give me an example.

Tell me about some of the most difficult sales presentations you have ever made.  How did they pan out?

Have you ever tried to present an idea to a team with a view to improving sales, but were unable to gain their acceptance.  How did you handle it and how did you present it?

To be effective in this job, you will need to be good at persuading and motivating sales people. Give me an example of when you had to convince a group of sales people who were reluctant to agree with you.

What was your most successful sale in your selling career? Why was this sale so important? What did you gain from this experience?

Think of a time when a sales call did not turn out the way you had
planned. Why?

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Malaysian HIFI Show

The Malaysian Hifi show will be held again this coming July and there will be many people making major sales. The organizer is Dick Tan (seen below) and he has been running this wonderful event for many years. It is held in the Marriot Hotel in Kuala Lumpur over the last weekend of July.

The place is buzzing and there will be many expensive toys on display. Big Plasma screens, high definition projectors and very expensive loudspeakers. There is always an official opening address attended by the minister of trade and industry along with other invited guests.

This show provides the people of Malaysia to keep up to date with the very latest technology and as there are many suppliers and retailers fighting for their share of the ringit many will be practicing their sales skills.

Dick Tan organizer

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Travel in Asia

I arrived at my hotel in Korea after hours

of continuous travel. None of my flights

served a meal that was worthy of eating.


After learning that the hotel restaurant was closed

and that room service was no longer

available; I was subsequently forced to endure a

diet of peanuts I had kept from an earlier flight.

I retired to my room and enjoyed the culinary delights,

courtesy of Korean airlines.


Moral of the story: Only

select hotels providing twenty-four

hour room service. Check on this before leaving, bring snacks of

health food bars along for


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Anthony Mosley

First Class Travel


Anthony Mosley and I were lucky enough to travel first class sometimes.

Here is a photo of AM enjoying the service of Singapore Airlines.

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