Double your income

You can double your income as a salesperson.

Most people take the work of a salesperson for granted, yet the wealth of most countries has been created by people who have understood that selling is not “just a job”, but a wonderful and profitable occupation.

We keep hearing the expression “Salespeople are born, not made.” Do not accept this. If you stop and think just for one moment it is logical that selling is an art and must be learned.

If you depend on an employer and “luck” to determine your earnings you are depriving yourself of the satisfaction that comes with learning skillful selling techniques.

Cruising and just reading the odd book on sales skills is just not enough. How long is it since you picked up a book on selling?

As with any single thing we do in life “Practice makes perfect.” Careful study and the application of the skills required for making a major sale or even simple sale will bring higher income.

When you understand the tools required to correctly interpret your customer likes and dislikes and know what they mean, you will be better prepared to help that customer find a solution.

There is no doubt whatsoever a completely different set of skills are required when making major sales however I hope to cover the skill set required for both in forthcoming posts on this blog. Retail salespeople who work on the floor require skills just as the sales representative who visits these people. These may vary in some ways and be the same in other ways. Hopefully a few ideas published on these pages will assist you in a quest to double your income. If you are a salesperson and you follow the steps outlined in the book “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham you will double your income.

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