Features in making major sales

Everyone involved in selling loves talking about features.

Features are the integral part of products or services and what many people involved when making major sales.

Many sales people are not aware that just talking about features can destroy their sale.

In a very simple low cost sale features are usually important however the opposite is true when making big sales.

Most sales managers tell their sales people to get out there and talk about all the great features of their product or service.

In most cases these sales managers have no idea what they are talking about.

Research by the Huthwaite group in the early 1970’s found in the bigger sale talking of features had little or no effect on the outcome.

The art of asking questions is by far the most important factor and understanding these questions and being able to analyse the answers correctly is far more important.

Being able to uncover explicit needs and requirements of your customer and help find a solution is far more important.

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