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Tech Talk Confuses Customers

Tech Talk Confuses Customers.

Too many people, selling are perceived with inappropriate aggressive behaviour, they just give away information and show no regard for the customers issues and problems.

The Sales Manager and the business owner’s objectives around sales training are often very poorly communicated to the sales team.

The business owner should naturally be enthusiastic about what they sell but sales training should focus on the solutions they solve for customers. Naturally the sales person requires a full understanding of the technicalities of these products and services however they must be trained to ask questions to expose potential problems the customer may have rather than give away technical specs the person may not even be interested in.

This is particularly noticeable on the retail floor of many electronic specialists where the salesperson baffles the customer with strange jargon.

The effects of sales training are often short-lived. But good sales training is based on replicating successful behaviour. Tactics that has worked for top sales people in the past.


It is also extremely important for a business owner to understand the value of a star sales person. They are VERY rare and usually highly motivated. They can demand sensational incomes and if any company has any of these special people my advice is to pay them well as if not the competitor will.

The sales stars are never afraid of low salary and high commission therefore small sales small pay. This is a good option for most employers.

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