Have we forgotten how to sell? What are Sales Manager’s doing?

This is a recent news item from Webpro News:

My take on this is maybe we are missing the boat. When will company managers and Sales managers start to understand that selling is a skill?

Do customers require incentives and discounts to buy all of the time? From my experience selling skills overide all of this nonsense and it is seriously part of a sales managers job to train and motivate their staff. Once they grasp the difference between making major sales and making simple sales they are part of the way there.

E-Commerce News: Retail: Retailers’ Soul-Searching Struggle to Keep Customers

Retailers need to offer customers more services to make themselves indispensable and work with the government to help solve economic and social woes even as they deal with seismic changes in consumer behavior, industry leaders said Monday.

Departing Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) More about Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott told retailers they need to get involved in broader issues such as health care, immigration, energy independence and environmental sustainability, and said that doing so would resonate with shoppers and improve the bottom line.

“We need to tackle the hard issues,” Scott said at the annual National Retail Federation convention, noting that retailers in particular are close to what consumers are thinking. “As businesses we have a responsibility to society. We also have an extraordinary opportunity.”

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Tom Canning says January 18, 2009

I agree with you. When I walk into a store I am looking for customer service and sales expertise. Focus on that boat and it’s a winning game for everyone involved!

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