Honesty and demonstration

We have talked so far about customer acceptance and confidence. The top of the list however has to be honesty. Honesty to your company and your customer will pay off in the long run.

If you are in retail tell the customer about your store and it’s reputation for fair dealing. Make absolutely certain you are familiar with your products. Show your customer you are working in their interests. Truthful straightforward answers to any customer questions or concerns. If you do not know the answers tell the customer you will find out.

If you sell intangibles such as insurance the same rule applies. The goal must surely be to have the customer leave after having bought or confident enough in your ability to meet again and continue any further negotiation.

One other tip, if you make another appointment for some reason such as a demonstration make certain you summarize your discussion. Ask the customer if they will make a purchase providing you complete a satisfactory presentation when you next meet.

When that meeting or demonstration does take place  do not launch into the demo as soon as the prospect arrives. Sit them down and once again discuss the criteria that will provide the solution. Find out if anything has actually changed since you last met. It is possible something else may have influenced the person and unless they tell you there will be no deal.

Once again ask the customer if they will buy if you can satisfy their needs. Write on a flip chart all the solutions you need to satisfy in the demo.

Cross each one out when you have confirmed it has satisfied the customers need. Under no circumstances do you show the customer anything other than those outlined on the flip chart.

When you have finished the customer will sign as there is no reason not to. Only after the deal has been sealed may you then show any other fancy things your product is capable of.

Doing so beforehand is likely to confuse the prospect and you risk losing the sale.

All the customer wants is a solution to those very explicit needs that you have managed to extract during the initial interview. Don’t blow it by showing features that are of no concern or interest.

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