How important is ego in selling?

I have seen some forum posts in big sales forums such as where many sales people believe ego is important if you are employed in sales.

In my opinion ego is destructive in selling; the dictionary describes ego as self importance, conceited, opinionated, self importance and vain. Surely this is different than self confidence.

Self confidence is very important in selling, a strong handshake; genuine interest in the customer or client and ability to find out what motivates them.

Many salespeople I have met would be twice as effective if they let go of ego and focused entirely on the customer. It is quite natural for us to be seen by our peers as confident and successful but displaying arrogance and disregard for people is not acceptable in making major sales.

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Andrew Smith says March 8, 2008

Well I get your point on this Steve, but I don’t agree completely.

As I see it, it’s good and maybe necessary for a salesman to have ego.

The problem occurs when ego has the salesman.

steve says March 8, 2008

The dictionary says otherwise and I have seen too many good sales people lose sales because of it.

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