How to sell a car

I have been considering changing my car; at the moment I have a five series BMW of 2004 vintage. I have been visiting some of the BMW people looking at newer models.

The biggest dealerships in our town seem to work on the basis of look at what we have and if you are interested let us know.

I received an email just today from a large BMW dealer advising me of a 2009 model three series to consider.

Naturally the price was rather out side my price bracket and I indicated I was considering a switch of brand as I could not find a suitable model in BMW. All of this communication was by email.

How to sell a car? Is email the way to sell a car? The guy had my phone number why did he not call?

The response I got when I indicated a switch of brand was:

“Well we don’t have anything else of interest but will let you know if something comes in.”

Is this the way for a big BMW dealer to sell a car? I feel it is a dam good reason to look at another brand.

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