How to sell Loudspeakers

This is for any sales people currently working as a sales person in the consumer electronics industry.

The consumer electronics industry is a tough market. The audio and video section of that industry is cut throat. Unfortunately most sales people selling loudspeakers and high quality audio products are passionate about what they do, passionate about the industry but don’t have the real skills to sell. I have compiled this book solely for these audio sales people to enhance their sales. After nearly thirty years in the AV business my passion for good loudspeakers has never wained.

When I sold out of Sound Group Holdings Ltd, a business that I founded in New Zealand back in the early 1980’s I was given the most incredible opportunity by some wonderful people in Canada.
Howard Heiber and Anthony Mosley were part of a world wide loudspeaker manufacturing company marketing mid to high end products throughout many countries.
Sound Group Holdings Ltd was their distributor in New Zealand and after I sold out I was offered the job of South Pacific Sales Manager. I was responsible for selling their products all over Asia.
The interesting thing was many people could not understand selling a Canadian made product into an area that already had low cost manufacturing facilities and it seemed a little like “Carrying Coals to Newcastle”.


However all Loudspeakers are not created equal and in this book I have outlined how new skills can be learned by retail floor salespersons to the company representative selling to organizations. This book will provide all the steps necessary to give a salesperson the tools and skills to sell a higher end product. How to escape the discount mentality and genuinely provide a customer with a product above and beyond that customers expectation.


The book “How to Sell Loudspeakers” will be released early in 2012 and will only be available in physical format. If you are selling high end audio products and you want to increase your sales contact us and we will advise you the minute this book is off the press.

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