How to set a sales goal

There is only one way to achieve a sales goal and that is through work. Setting the goal takes some thought.
Remember it is not the amount of time you put in but how you actually use that time. My personal philosophy has always been work smarter not harder. Some sales people work real long hours and have virtually no success, others seem to do very little and have astounding success. The reality of all this is the work habit and how the work is planned.
Many salespeople just head off in any direction with no specific plan or purpose, they do not know what steps to take and quite frankly are doomed to failure right from the word go.

There needs to be a measurement device in place so you can track your progress. You must start from what your needs are, where you want to go and then figure out what it takes to get there.

In my complete and forthcoming digital sales course “Right from the Start” there will be a complete section on this most important activity with all the required templates to enable you to achieve exactly what you want.

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