Making Assumptions When Selling

Most good sales people know we should always assume a sale has been made when speaking with our customers. However we can make the wrong assumptions sometimes and I sure had my eyes opened on my recent trip to Jordan.

I went there with very little understanding of the country or its people. My lack of research together with articles I had read and heard in the media had me assuming certain things.

In every single case I was 100 percent wrong and if a sales presentation depended on this knowledge it would have been a total disaster.

Look at this comparison between the country of Jordan with a population of six million people and a company we all know about “GOOGLE”. Who would have assumed otherwise? I bet we all would.

Employees of Google receive free meals whenever they please and according to a Silicon Valley insider the following calculation estimates the Companies food budget.

Google employs around 9600 employees in its American offices; it is open for 251 days of the year. Sources from within Google put the daily cost per employee to be $20. The product of these three figures amounts to $48,192,000 for the American offices alone.

That amounts to an annual average of $5020 per employee and that is only for the food they eat at work.

According to a department of statistics survey taken out in Jordan on household expenditure the average Jordanian food expenditure for an entire family is $3828.

The average Jordanian family has 5.7 members. That amounts to an average of $672 per Jordanian, therefore feeding the average Googler costs 7.5 times as much as the average Jordanian.

The moral of this story is if you have a sales presentation anywhere make sure you have all your facts and NEVER assume anything other than the sales has been made.

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