Michael Phelps Can Swim

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps can swim but can he sell? Well no doubt with all the glory Michael has received at the Olympics over the last few days he may not need to.

However it brings me to a point:

I saw Michael Phelps being interviewed on television and he made a very valid comment. Winning does not come without hard work. Michael Phelps has had to work really hard to achieve all these gold medals. Up at 5am and off to the pool. Goodness knows how many hours a day he practiced.

If you are employed in the field of making major sales then you need to practice your sales skills. In fact you need to put far more energy into sales training than meets the eye.

You may not have to get up like Michael Phelps early each morning but if you do not understand the difference between making a major sale and making a simple sale you need to take stock of yourself. Funnily enough most sales people do not know there actually is a difference. I suggest you follow these tips:

Practice makes perfect and if you are selling big stuff you must apply yourself.

Get hold of all the books on the subject you can.

Read all the books by Neil Rackham and learn the skills of selling just like Micheal Phelps has learned the skills of swimming that has had him reach the very top.

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