More on “Sales Manager Jobs”

How many times do we have to look at what a Sales Manager’s Job consists of?

It is a plain fact that good sales people do not always make good sales managers. A Sales Manager needs to understand the basic selling skills and also must know the difference between making a simple sale and making major sales. However above all a sales managers job is to manage a sales team.

Many companies just get this wrong, there are advertisements everywhere for sales managers yet many of them are actually for sales people. In other words there is no team, nor is there any intention of putting a team together.

In these situations it is only a fancy title.

There is no doubt a great sales manager can make a great team. If you are in the business of making major sales and have a sales managers job available I strongly recommend the the book “Topgrading for Sales” reviewed in an earlier post.

Get your priorities right, find a Sales manager who knows how to sell but above all knows how to manage and motivate sales people.

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