More on the Sales Managers Job

The key to success for a Sales Manager job.

To be a successful Sales Manager is to focus on planning, relationship building and effective communication.

A problem many Sales Managers face is seeing themselves as the person stuck in the middle, trying to find the correct balance between people above and people below in the organization.

The definition of a sales managers job is just as it sounds, to “manage sales”. It also means managing sales people, assisting these people to achieve their goals, making certain they have the correct selling skills and tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Every day I come across sales people involved in selling luxury goods, such as cars and real estate, many of them have no idea of the skills required to making major sales and sadly they have no direction from their sales manager.

Relationship management and planning determines the success of any business.

How good is the company you work for? Just consider these simple factors:

1. How easy is it for customers to contact the sales manager or a sales person in your company?

2. Can your customer be confident your product or service can provide a solution?

3. As a Sales Manager where are your sales people? Are they on the road in front of customers or are they tied up in some company meeting?

4. Do your sales people understand the difference in skills required for making major sales as opposed to making simple sales?

5. As a Sales Manager are you doing everything possible to motivate your sales staff? Are you providing them with adequate back up and training?

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