Sales Mangers insisting on new material

The advantages of insisting on a specific sales process by Sales Managers as the first step in sales training cannot be underestimated.

The successful use of a proven process and the implementation of that process are vitally important to any organization.

The tools required for making major sales are not printed in very many sales manuals and there is very little published on the subject. In fact many companies are pouring good money into sales training packages without understanding there is a significant difference between making a simple sales and making a major sale. Most organisations investing in sales training are not getting the expected return on investment.

Some examples of Sales Training for making major sales (basic to advanced), are how to ask enough questions to establish everything to know about your prospects business. Not an easy task! These skills; and techniques have now become much more sophisticated than originally thought, and sales managers are now demanding for more from peers. Time and money for sales training are big concerns for any business.

Many of those involved in sales training are of the opinion that good sales training starts with the fundamentals. However in my opinion as soon as a company is involved in making major sales it is a completely new ball game.

These required fundamentals of sales skills are easy once you establish correct order of questioning technique; and above all how to analyse those answers. It is a skill to be mastered.

I know that most sales training is all individual, stand alone seminars, however I feel one link is missing, people running them are not necessarily equipped to provide proper coaching on how to take a person from order taker to professional sales person.

The old traditional methods of sales training outlined in most books just do not work anymore and any aggressive company offering expensive products and services are now starting to understand this and are also demanding more from their sales staff and mangers. In my opinion on of the best investments anyone can make is the book “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham of Huthwaite Research and their research has confirmed my thoughts above.

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