Product Knowledge

If you are just starting out in sales it is important you attain good product knowledge about what you are selling. It is also very important to understand the products and services your competition is selling.

When I was at Xerox we used to invite our competitors sales people to our showroom for demonstrations. The company felt this was wise as it gave our competitors factual data about what we sold. This was a better idea than have them out in the field with misinformation.

It was also very interesting to note some of our newer sales people were more successful in the beginning as they were later on. We were wondering if the reason for this was gaining the knowledge of our products to a degree where they confused the customer.

When you do a presentation make certain you understand your product or service. You know the way it works and what it is capable of; however, do not over complicate it. Make certain you refrain from giving away all the information about it until you have understood your customer requirements.

If the sale depends on a “Hands on” demo make sure you have a list of requirements from your client. Show only those requirements and close the deal before showing any extra advantages your product may have.

Many sales are lost through making things too complicated.

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