Your’e One Step Ahead

Welcome to the new website! “Making Major Sales”

You have taken the first step in becoming a Professional Sales person. Do you know why some sales people seem to be a cut above the others?

Contrary to popular belief it is NOT “Gift of the Gab”

The purpose of this website is to provide PAIN RELIEF for professional Sales people. We set out to prove there is a very big difference in skills when “Making Major Sales” such as selling a car or boat and making a simple sale such as selling sweets.

Over recent years there has been a great deal of research into the psychology of selling. There is now conclusive proof a difference exists between making simple and major sales. The skill level required for making major sales is somewhat different. In our experience we constantly see the same mistakes being made by Sales people time after time. The training material available from this website is to the point, it is simple, powerful and easy to learn addressing the key issues in “Making Major Sales”. Over the coming weeks I will be releasing some of this exciting material for free.

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