Rally the sales force

Here is a paragraph taken from Sales Effectiveness Inc, it was written by Carlos Quintero the president and founder of the company. It is very interesting reading and without any doubt he is right on the button. However there is very little talk of why high achievers making major sales are so good at what they do. Training people to be like these achievers is not easy because the old traditional sales training methods do not cut it any longer.

Research has shown these high achieving sales people have a totally different behaviour pattern, they are few and far between and changing a persons behaviour is not an easy task. However I suggest you read what Carlos has to say as his company understand what sales organizations need these days.


here is the article:

“Sales teams have always been about vim and vigor, effort and drive, but in this economy, sales people can’t depend on their friendships or gift of gab,” Quintero said. “Customers are no longer buying on relationships alone. They’re making business decisions and looking for business value.”

Successful sales forces have to be well educated. “They need to do their homework and align their offerings with the strategic needs of the customer. Their aim is to become a trusted advisor,” Quintero said. With more analysis going into sales decisions and longer buying cycles, sales people need to practice patience and resilience. “They also need the technical acumen to make use of all the rich information that the Internet and social media networks can provide,” he said.