Real Estate Madness

All this media hype about recession would make one think about giving up on sales right? Well maybe some people should. If there are two areas suffering worldwide at the moment it has to be the Real Estate market and selling vehicles.

My rant at the moment is selling real estate. Realtors are a very strange breed of people. I keep hearing the words “Selling Real Estate is different than any other type of selling”.

This is just a load of rubbish. These real estate people are just confused between making a simple sale and making a major sale. Here is another brilliant example:

Last weekend was stunning weather so I took the opportunity to visit some open homes. These are properties being marketed by the listing agent. They are open for public viewing usually for up to an hour.

The agent generally stands at the door welcoming anyone who wishes to view the property and asks them to write their contact details in a visitor book.

The homes I was looking at are expected to sell over two million dollars (seriously major sales).

The opening statement by the first agent of the first house was “The material cladding on the outside of this house is cement”.

Not only was this totally incorrect as the cladding was a low cost fibro product but a stupid welcome for anyone.
There was also no invitation to sign the book, no question about who I was, or why was I there?

Just a statement like “Feel free to look around” and “other houses in this street have sold for over two and a half million dollars”.

Information only, no questions!

There was no listed price on the house, only a stupid sign out front with “House for Sale, Expressions of Interest invited.”

The property was brand new and the chinese owners had clearly used their own taste of low cost imported products and decor.

I spent around fifteen minutes viewing the property and when I left the agent comment was “Thanks for comming”.

At no time was there any attempt by this agent to communicate with me, and I am currently actively searching for property!

She did not make any attempt to have me sign the book or take my telephone number, nor even ask a simple question like “Why are you here today”?

This is so typical of people in the real estate business. They have zero idea about making major sales. They have no conception of any difference between selling pencils or selling houses.

The second property I visited was a similar experience.

Another property worth over two million dollars. The agent this time was a male and the opening statement was “Welcome make yourself at home” “Feel free to look around”.

He did ask me to sign the book but there was no other statement or questions. Nothing about “why are you here”? “What did you think of the property”? or “Are you currently looking to purchase something”?

Why are these people not trained?

Why are they left to their own devices to flounder with the public and make idiots of themselves?

How many of these people are walking straight past sales opportunities?

Selling Real Estate appears to be a very transient profession (if you can call it a profession). The real estate agent must pass a simple exam before they obtain a licence but as far as I am aware no actual sales training is given.
Very few Real Estate agents ever pick up a book on “How to Sell” and as far as I am aware are totally oblivious to the different skill set between selling big expensive items or selling cups of coffee.

Is there an opportunity for a career in selling real estate? I seriously think so.

The proviso:

You must be able to read and above all have an ability to ASK QUESTIONS!

If you want to find further information on how NOT to sell your home go here:

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