The Real Problem

discount store

Everywhere you look there are discounts. The consumer electronics industry is just one place where you see week after week big discounts on TV screens, DVD players and the like.

Who is responsible for these discounts? We know the retailer is giving away margin and in fact many of these retailers are going out of business very quickly. Some retail outlets advertise their prices will not be beaten. The owners of these companies always complain about lack of margin or their competitors when something goes wrong. With all of the research carried out world wide the real problem lies with the sales people. It is a known fact that people generally do not make a purchased based on price alone. There are many other factors that determine the motivation for a purchase.

However we also know there is very little sales training provided to retail sales people. Product training yes, Sales Training no. Why is this?

We believe the real reason for this is simple. The business owner really does not understand there is a serious difference in skill set between selling something simple like an audio lead and selling a sixty inch Plasma TV panel. If you are involved in retail selling big ticket items you will find many hints and tips on this blog on making major sales.