Regional Sales Manager

Are you are Regional Sales Manager? or do you aspire to becoming a Regional Sales Manager?

If so do you understand how to motivate and control a sales force? Do you know how to train your sales force? How much sales training experience have you had? these are all questions requiring a real honest answer not only by your company or prospective employer but also by yourself.

I am constantly being asked questions like “how do I get my salespeople to make more calls?” How do I show my salespeople how to “overcome objections?”.

Well the fact of the matter is many companies employ “Regional Sales Managers” who usually have a great understanding of the company products or services, but very little knowledge of “how to make sales”.

There seems to be very few organizations or businesses who really understand the difference between making simple sales and making major sales.

Very few salespeople, sales managers or Regional Sales Managers understand that overcoming objections is not an issue if the correct questions are put to a prospect or customer at the beginning. Just like my previous post and the cartoon. Most salespeople show their product or solution far to early in the sales cycle and just talk too much.

In the near future I hope to publish some material specifically aimed at the Regional Sales Manager, or Sales Manager of companies involved in making major sales.

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JR Goodman says November 11, 2008

I loved your short article on Regional Managers. I was just employed as one for over a year with Brunswick Boat division. They are downsizing and even though I was the only regional manager selling product, because I trained my sales staff at the dealership(s)how to sell, someone had to go and I was chosen, because I was better at retail then wholesale. What? The problem is the senior leadership personal employed at some of these corporations have no glue to the real world and is why Brunswicj stock has drop from a high of 35, when you did not have to know how to sell to $3 when you have it. Your article made me believe I was right. thank you

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