Responsibilty for sales

I am in Egypt on route to Jordan and today I have been observing how business is still the same worldwide despite cultural differences.

Nothing happens until someone sells something. My last eleven years has been spent selling to clients throughout Asia and this is my very first visit to the Middle East since 1971.

Salespeople all over the world seem to be basically the same. There are those who are extremely enthusiastic about their products and try to push them to anyone and everyone. There are street vendors who just hassle every person who walks past and all they can sell on is price because there are so many competitors on either side. What does all this have to do with the purpose of this website?

Well it just reinforces in my mind what a rare commodity professional sales people really are. I am absolutely convinced the majority of companies out there really have no idea how important their sales force is.

Companies manufacturing very expensive items that are very rarely sold on one client interview must take note. Where does the responsibility for sales start?

Who is responsibility for sales in a company?

Surely it must start from the top. If a company makes no sales it cannot survive, yet there are untold companies out there just shooting sales pitches wildly into oblivion hoping the law of averages will be enough to provide the results they need.

My take on this is that making major sales is a skill just like any other skill. It takes commitment and practice just as playing a musical instrument.

Companies can no longer take their sales force for granted. There is too much competition and believe me it is in every country I have ever visited.

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