Retail and Recession

According to the media there is a world wide recession. One would not think so when shopping. I am amazed at the lack of sales training when it comes to retail staff.
One would think these companies would invest in their sales people.

just last week I visited a brand new retail establishment in New Zealand. The company is an Australian group ( Freedom Furniture) opening a series of stores around the country.
My visit was to their latest store in Albany and I was interested in purchasing a media rack for a flat.

Believe it or not I was standing around the area where the racks were on display when a salesperson walked past. They made the following statement; “Hello how are you today, terrible weather outside is it not”? to my amazement they kept on walking and proceeded to make a phone call.
The rack I was interested in was also displayed well BUT there was a big bow on the top. If one place a TV or plasma on top it would not have handled the weight and bowed further.

Naturally I did not hang around after being ignored by the salesperson. I walked out and found what I wanted at another store.
In this day and age, with business failure everywhere one would think sales managers would train their staff how to make sales. Not only simple sales but making major sales.

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