Sales Calls and the Telephone

What seems to be the problem with sales people and the telephone?

One of the most common phrases uttered by sales people is: “I will call you back” some even say “I will call you back in one hour” or “I will call you back later today”. If sales people say this why don’t they do it?

There seems to be a real lack of purpose in these statements. It is extremely common among real estate sales people and even more common with Bank employees.

For some obscure reason service industry such as banks, opticians, builders, plumbers, electricians etc do not understand they are actually in the sales business. They have products and or services to offer yet make these weak statements to prospective and existing customers all the time.

A professional sales person always will call back when they say they will. Professional sales people know very well there are NO excuses to break a commitment with any customer. If a problem arises a professional sales person will always find a way to handle the situation rather than let the customer down.

We all know how frustrating it is when people do not call back and some of us even stay in waiting for that promised call. If you are involved in “making major sales” make certain you call the customer back when you say you will otherwise you fall into the realms of mediocrity.

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