Sales Training For The Entrepreneur Struggling To Succeed

Sales training is an entrepreneurial necessity.  If your business is struggling to succeed, sales training can provide you with the skills you need to sell.  And sales are what makes your business an economic success.


Entrepreneurs need sales training to carry them during tough economic times.  The stronger the sales skills, the higher the chances of your business surviving during business uncertainty.  Every entrepreneur takes a risk when starting their business, and investing in sales training can be one of the safest and most profitable investment risks. Sales training is an investment that lasts the lifetime of the business.  It also provides the entrepreneur with a perspective on sales that can provide insight into developing a solid sales strategy.


A sales strategy must be able to survive during every business climate condition. Developing metrics to establish sales productivity levels is an important part of a long-term sales strategy.  Without a productivity measurement system in place, an accurate measurement of sales techniques to sales performance can not be made.   Sales productivity standards will be a benchmark to determine which particular sales process is worthy of the highest investment.  Spending twenty-four hours cold-calling a thousand dead-ends will not have the same productivity value as spending twenty-four hours developing a solid customer relationship that generates one sale.


Sales training can help identify which sales processes are being handled most efficiently, and which are being handled the least productively.  By participating in sales training, the entrepreneur can fully examine several sales methods and techniques for each facet of the sales process and determine which techniques and methods are the most productive for the company.  Once productivity measures are set, and revenue-producing sales skills are mastered and applied, the business is positioned to be strong enough to weather challenging economic conditions.  Productive sales skills applied faithfully in a well-planned sales strategy will replace valueless activity with strategic profitable activity.


A training assessment held in a Fortune 100 company for nine months clearly demonstrated the importance of developing sales skills through sales training.  This study tracked changes of a trained sales team and an untrained sales team during a recession and found that untrained sales professionals had a 13% sales drop, whereas the trained personnel had a 17% increase in sales.  There was little doubt that sales training was a safe investment when the research showed that trained sales professionals were 79% more successful at developing new leads than untrained sales professionals during a recession.


Sales training can give entrepreneurs the skills they need to survive in any business climate.  Skills can sell when activity can’t. Developing productivity sales metrics early on in your business sales strategy is the first step to determining what skills should be considered when investing in sales training.  Entrepreneurs know that every investment must go through a risk assessment.  A risk assessment of sales training will show you that sales training is an entrepreneurial necessity to reach long-term economic success.


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