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Where can I get free tips and techniques on improving sales performance – closing techniques etc.

the company you work for should have a closer on site you cant really learn from books.
i was a closer commission only for 20 years and the way i learned was going out with sucessful sales people and keeping quiet and watching their every deal they did .
then i would add parts of everyones pitch to my own and perfected it so i could then go on a lead and i had a 90% hit rate.
some tips for you.
never pitch a one legger you will never get an order if one of the partners are not there.
Dont go straight into working mode at the lead,you will put them on defensive and again you will find it hard to close.
When you get to the door introduce yourself and usually they will say “ive no money your wasting your time”.step back and say ho sorry im not here to sell you anything im just here to get your opinin on our product and if you like what you see ill leave you a quote and all its going to cost you is a cup of tea and a bit of your time is that ok. and 99.9% your in and their at ease.
I could show you hundreds of techniques but the main thing in selling is
(1) ask for the order
(2) get them to like you ,if they like you they will buy off you.
(3) dont rush take control and stear the client to sign the order.
(4) goto 1 hope this helps.
ps i did commission only, reasons it made me hungry dont work dont eat.
and secondly if you get a basic the commissions crap!!!
Just one other thing know your product and believe what your telling the client dont lie it will kick you in the butt.
When you get your first order dont pack and run have a cup of tea and consolidate the sale explain the advantages of buying from your company,benefits etc and leave them happy otherwise ill guarantee you if you havent got rid of all their fears they will cancel as soon as you leave their home.
hope i have been some help good luck lolxxx

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Resume Expert says October 5, 2008

This is a very good website with excellent sales training tips.


Edmund Ng
CEO, Founder
Infinique Technologies
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iamtaylorpratt says October 5, 2008

This is a great website with free whitepapers you can download to increase your sales performance. They teach you how to ask the right questions, how to "fish" as they call it, how to increase sales when you launch a new product, and other great resources.
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