Selling with pride

Selling with pride

What I have done for a living gives me an enormous sense of pride. What could be more important than making major sales?

I don’t know who said, “Nothing happens in business until a sale is made,” but they were correct.

Remember also “Nothing happens until the money is in the bank”

Selling is something we all do, all the time. To get someone to do something, you have to help them find a solution to an existing problem. You have to help them tell you what the problem means and how it affects them.

You have to convince them that they will be better off by taking the course of action you recommend.

That’s what all good salespeople do. Whether it’s selling real estate, selling aircraft, or selling vehicles, you have to convince your customers to take your recommended action.

All good salespeople create a better solution for their customers.

Anyone involved in helping people create and achieve their dreams should feel a sense of immense pride.

The most successful brands and products have always associated themselves with great solutions for the customer.

Look at Energy Loudspeakers, for example. Their competitors in the same market fall over themselves trying to prove that they will make you feel good and provide a better sound.

Major brands sell products and services of high quality, but they also sell by appealing to basic human emotions.

The speaker company I have personally been involved with for over 30 years has done this from the very start.

We knew retailers got frustrated with traditional products, and did not want to stock the same brand as their competitor down the road. To do this only set off a price war and as I pointed out earlier selling on price is better left to the amateur.

Energy Speakers had created a sustainable advantage around its ability to help retailers show and demonstrate something special.

We offered quality products and great service, but we also made people feel good.

Selling with pride means two things to me:

Be committed to building your brand and be systematic about selling.

Pride in selling means being proud of your brand and its image.

Pride in selling also means being serious about the sales process. To me, selling is a science that can be analyzed, tested, and constantly improved.

Audio Products International (the manufacturer of Energy Speakers) expected and demanded their salespeople consistently exceed customers’ expectations, and hopefully we achieved that.

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