Slowing World Economy

Are you a salesperson employed Making Major Sales? If so you will no doubt be reading all the negative press about slowing world economy. Do you feel you require help with your sales skills to try and overcome some of the doom and gloom?

If so there are many great books on the subject. In my opinion the very best is by author Neil Rackham and it is called “Making Major Sales”. The detail in this book is unrivaled and you will soon learn that objection handling is a skill you will not have to worry about anymore! Yes, a brave statement but true. Also you will quickly find there is no such thing as a trial close! Neil has tipped the sales training world on it’s ear as he has proven beyond doubt there is a huge difference between making a simple sale and making a major sale. Regional Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Real Estate Agents and above all company CEO in general do not even know this material exists.

The role of a Regional Sales Manager, Sales Manager is to manage and motivate sales staff. Those people involved in “selling big stuff” or “Major Sales” as we put it can vastly improve their skills by reading this incredible book. You can get a brief insight to my take on the process by signing in as a professional salesperson here on the blog.

When the economy takes a turn for the worst and the media can’t leave it alone it is time for the tough to get going. Do something today about improving your skills on making big sales.

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