So you want to sell

Do you think you have what it takes to sell? If you would like to become a professional salesperson you can. It is possible you have doubts, because I certainly did. However persistence and training can ensure success.

Selling is the most rewarding skill in the world, selling is a job that can provide untold income if you know where to look and believe me if I can do it so can you. The sad thing about this sensational vocation is the fact people start off with little or no training.

Many people think you must be able to talk your head off and that only a certain type of person can do this kind of job. The reality is you can be trained, you can be male or female and in fact I know many women who are sensational sales people and many women are far more successful than men.

The secret is simply to understand the difference between selling a simple product and a major product. A simple product is something that people normally want and will usually purchase without thinking and a major product is a decision that usually takes serious discussion and may take many interviews before conclusion.

If you want to become a successful salesperson in any field I believe you can, however you must learn to sell not become an order taker. The old way of sales training has long gone. Research has proven the difference between making simple sales and major sales.

It is really strange but few salespeople really make it to the top however with some powerful forward thinking, desire, persistence and learning you can do it too.

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