Stop Talking Now

Sales People talk too much. It is a fact and it is getting worse. I believe the reason is because we are living in the fast lane. Mobile phones, Ipod, I River, I everything. Can’t we just stop and think for one moment? Is it not possible for a sales person to stop acting like a stupid political candidate for a second and think about the prospect or customer? What does the customer want? What are their problems? What do those problems mean to them and how on earth can I help them find a solution?

The ingredient is questions. Lot’s of them, forget how good your product or service is, I am certain the customer does not give a toss if your brand is number one or not.

Solutions people! Solutions.

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Eric says April 11, 2008

A good tip to force you listen more is to not mention your product during the first meeting. This forces you to ask questions because you’re not sitting there bragging that your widget is useful in any situation – before you even know what the situation is.

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