Struggling Retailers Can’t Just Blame Downturn

Here is a paragraph or three I saw in the London paper City A.M.

<The threat of recession is an excellent excuse for retailers to blame someone else for their poor performance. Things are certainly getting tougher out there, but retailers whose sales are falling faster than average are losing market share. Simple as that.

Monthly retail sales are are widly volitile, but look at it this way-in the second quarter, UK sales were still 2.2 per cent higher than the previous year.

Marks and Spencer became the poster child for the struggling retailers with lasts months profit warning and a 5.3 per cent drop in UK same store sales for the quarter.

Sir Stuart Rose CEO of Marks and Spencer shrugged off the declines as a symptom of the fact that Marks and Spencer is a “smoke detector” for the rest of the sector.>

Well my take on all this is “I wonder what these people are smoking”?

I am certain the majority of CEO, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Managers etc world wide just do not understand there is a difference between making simple sales and making major sales.

If these people bothered to invest a few dollars in the fantastic books written by Neil Rackham they would soon understand that the lowest price is not the issue here. It simply is correct Sales Training and knowing the serious differences between making a simple sale and making major sales.