Super Sales Profile

Over the last six months Real Estate markets have been getting a pile of bad press. The USA market has been tough with lots of forced sales and the UK has taken its biggest dip for quite some time with the greatest amount of foreclosures seen in years.

However common sense is prevailing with the general public that market correction is part of a normal cycle, and life goes on.

New Zealand real estate has been the same with doom and gloom everywhere.

What happens when world markets get like this? Well “When things get tough the tough get going”.

I am pleased to announce a very special person has just been added to our super group of sales professionals.

Real Estate Sales Star PENE MILNE from Kelland’s Real Estate in New Zealand was awarded Sales Person of the Year last week, for the third year running. “A Stunning achievement”.

Along with a number of recognitions, she was also successful with the auction award and overall marketing excellence.

This is just one example of what a person is capable of in the sales profession and regardless of market conditions Pene has not given up.

This is a credit to Pene and her company.

Congratulations Pene.


Pene Milne

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