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If your goals are to be effective in selling you must keep on reminding yourself what those goals are.

What will it mean to reach them, knowing you have the ability to reach them. Affirmations are things that little voice in your head keep saying to you. I can do it etc.

When using affirmations in sales skills you need to be saying:

I am a professional, my customers enjoy doing business with me, they all refer me to others. My business is growing because of the customers I already have.

I am a strong and persuasive salesperson, I am capable of delivering a forceful presentation. However above all I am extremely sensitive to my customers requirements. I have the skills required to really understand their problems and I truly understand what those problems mean to them.

My understanding of my customer means I am capable of solving their biggest issues and because of this they really appreciate what I can do for them.

I have a great memory, I have a sincere and warm regard for others and above all I am relaxed and confident in front of my customer.

Above all I am healthy, full of life and energy but I am not on an ego trip.

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