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Interview With Anthony Mosley Part Three

Here is part three of my interview with Anthony Mosley in May of 2007.

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A brief history of Audio Products International

In my earlier posting of the interview with Anthony Mosley it has been drawn to my attention the lack of detail in my introduction.

I therefore would like to correct this by writing a little history of my association with this magic person and some background on the company we both worked for.

I first met Anthony Mosley around 1980 when he visited New Zealand on behalf of his employer Audio Products International of Toronto. Anthony was a New Zealand-er by birth and had immigrated with his family to Toronto Canada in 1975. Anthony’s passion was HIFI and good quality sound just like me. He had joined Audio Products International (one of the worlds leading loudspeaker manufacturer’s) after a very successful career as a HIFI retail salesman.

This company was started by a flamboyant character named George Baker who did not believe in advertising or any form of brochures. The company made loudspeakers under various brand names such as Energy, Sound Dynamics and Image. At this point in time I had started my own business assembling loudspeakers in New Zealand for the local market and export to Australia.

New Zealand was under severe import restrictions, local assembly was the only way any international company could gain a market for their goods. I happened to be in Australia on business when Anthony first appeared and he was asking various HIFI retailers in Auckland to recommend someone who assembled loudspeakers.

A colleague and respected retailer; Steve Allbury of Eastern HIFI suggested to Anthony to come and see me. I can still remember the enthusiastic (acquired) Canadian accent on the phone. “I have the best loudspeaker in the world” and “I want someone to build it in New Zealand” he said. When I asked the brand name I was told “Energy” just like that. My immediate response was “I have never heard of it, but I love the name”. The rest is really history.

A wonderful and astute businessman by the name of Howard Heiber bought out George Baker very early in the piece and took the company to amazing heights, manufacturing Energy as well as the famous Mirage brand. Together with Barry Ogg (Marketing) and Anthony Mosley (Sales) the company went from strength to strength.

Together we established those brands to become best sellers in New Zealand and eventually formed a joint venture company in Australia. Anthony worked passionately and tirelessly establishing relationships all over the pacific region and eventually I sold out of my New Zealand operation and joined Audio Products International as Asian Pacific Regional Manager.

We were centered around Hong Kong and Singapore, together with all of the adjoining major Asian countries. Howard Heiber sold the company to Klipsch in 2006 and it is with deep regret we lost Anthony to cancer at the age of 50 in October 2007. I will elaborate further later on my earlier associations with “Sales organizations” such as my six years with XEROX etc but let it be said here and now, the consumer electronics industry will never be the same without Anthony Mosley. He was an inspiration to everyone he came across and the loudspeaker business in particular has lost the world’s best “Speakerguru” and the master of “Making Major Sales”.

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