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Sales Presentations

At the risk of repeating myself I want to cover “Sales Presentation” or Sales Presentations” again.

Most professional sales people know what a sales presentation is but most sales people prepare one and deliver it before finding the facts about their customer.

If you are  in the business of “Making Major Sales” ( a sale that requires more than one interview with the prospect) you need to gather as much information about that customer you can.

In general most people love talking about themselves therefore as a professional sales person SHUT UP and listen.

Try to get the customer to tell you everything they can about their business. When did it start? Where have they come from? Have they multiple branches? Who makes the decisions? Are you speaking with the correct person? What issues have come up over their business history? Where are they going? How many staff do they have? If they have other branches do those branches make their own decisions? If so who are the contacts?

What private interests does your prospect have? Show a GENUINE interest as suggested by Dale Carnegie and make a note of it. Find out their likes and dislikes, who are their competitors? Where are their competitors located?

Most sales people are too interested in TELLING not selling. They are all too keen to tell the customer about how wonderful their product is without doing any ground work first.

If you happen to be selling anything from aircraft, to SMARTPHONES, to IPHONES or to INSURANCE etc make certain you get ALL the information you can about your customers CURRENT situation and make sure you understand it perfectly.

Once you have all this information it is still not the time to mention your product or service. There are more questions requiring answers such as what problems they have, what those problems mean and what needs done to have them resolved.

Tip of the day:

Remember, a great salesperson knows how to ask the right kind of questions and uncover what the customer REALLY wants. If your customer exposes a problem your product or service can solve it is STILL not the time to introduce your product or service.

Why? Because you MUST find out what that problem means and how it effects the business.

Only then are you getting somewhere near where the elite sales people already know where to go.

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