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People buy from people

Every shop owner fears the internet, yet they forget one GREAT benefit their shop has over the internet:

The customer can see and talk with real people!

These people are known as their team.   If everyone liked buying from the impersonal internet then the streets would be empty.  We like to buy from people whom we can see and talk with at the same time.

We know if they lying (or at least we think we do) because we can see it in the faces and their body language.   As individuals, most of us have questions we cannot find answers  on the internet, especially when it comes to electrical goods. the reason, for example, we may not know the right terminology.   This allows a store’s team to talk to customers, get to know them, build a relationship with them and if the sales person is worth their salt sell them the product.    Often, if a customer walks away and buys  on the internet, it is because the sales person has not done a good enough job of selling.

Therefore the responsibility of business owners to offer sales classes and customer service training is absolutely imperative in today’s market.

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Asking Questions At Job Interviews – List Of Questions To Ask

As a job-seeker, you might have browsed the Internet or scanned the employment section of the local newspapers. If you have already applied for a number of jobs, you will be expecting a call for an interview. If you haven’t received a call for an interview yet, there is no cause for worry; you will get one soon.

Waiting to get a call for an interview is the most stressful part of job seeking for many people. Others feel nervous about the process of the interview. The best thing you can do if you are worried about attending an interview is to prepare for it.

1. Prepare a Set of Questions

Many job seekers will consider the idea of preparing a set of queries to ask a prospective employer a preposterous one. After all, you are attending an interview to answer questions; not ask any.

The truth is that any question you ask will lend an interactive quality to the interview; in other words, the interview “flows” better. Moreover, you will be eager to know certain things, and prospective employers don’t always volunteer information.

Prospective employers will also get a good opinion of you if you are enterprising enough to ask a few good questions. For example, asking about the potential for development in the company will give an impression of yourself as a responsible, enthusiastic person, eager to take initiative.

2. Type of Questions to Ask

You now know how beneficial it is to ask questions when you are attending a job interview; so, you many wonder exactly what type of questions you have to ask. It all depends on what you want to know.

Among the simplest questions you could ask is one related to this job profile. You will be eager to know as much as possible about the job you are trying to get. Naturally, you will be given an overall idea of the job, but you will still have many questions. For example, you might want to know about the peak hours of the day, whether there is a chance of the workload rising with time, and so on.

3. The Trickiest Question

Anyone will want to know how much they can earn in a particular company. However, not all employers appreciate the question; so, you have to be careful while you phrase it. While some employers welcome the question, others will get the wrong impression that you are interested only in the paycheck.

However, you have the right to know about the salary, and if nothing is mentioned about it during the interview, you may wish to find out about it. When you ask, frame your question wisely. Do not use the words “paycheck,” “money,” or even “pay.” The words “average salary” sounds more professional; so, make sure you use it. When you find out about the “average salary,” you can also put in a few questions about employee benefits such as vacations, perks, childcare, and insurance.

4. Other Interesting Questions

If you are interested in developing your career, you will have to question your prospective employer if there is a chance for promotion. If you want a raise not only in salary but also in position, you will have to gain employment in a company that promotes its employees on the basis of merit. This will also help you determine if the company can provide you long-term employment.

In addition, it will create the impression that you are interested in enhancing your career within that particular company. Most employers like it when prospective employees question them about advancements and promotions. It indicates that you are aiming at growth and success.

The above-mentioned list comprises only some of the questions you might want to ask a prospective employer. In order to impress your prospective employer, you will have to prepare some good questions in advance. Review your list a short time before you go in for your interview.

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Extraordinary Business: Step 3 of 7 in " Seven Steps to Thrive in …

SPIN Selling – Neil Rackham Selling the Invisible – Harry Beckwith The next step in our series – Step Four: Re-evaluate Your Products and Services.

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Mervyns Shuts its Doors

I wonder if their sales people understood the difference between making simple sales and making major sales?


The Hayward, California-based Mervyns department store chain, battered by financial troubles, has announced that it is going out of business, according to the ociated Press.

The 59-year-old retail chain will close permanently after Christmas-season liquidation sales at its 149 stores in 10 states.

“Although we took a number of steps to improve our financial performance, we were unable to return the company to profitability,” CEO John Goodman said.

Mervyns filed for bankruptcy protection in July in an effort to work through its debts, but executives said they found no way out.

Goodman cited the company’s “declining liquidity position and the extremely challenging retail environment.”

The impact will be mainly on entry-level workers, said Jeff Rowe, director of the Stanislaus Alliance Worknet, which ists job seekers.

“It ends up being really tough on teenagers who need some income to support themselves and their families, people who are working for the first time and people who are trying to get off public istance,” he said.

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